Meet our TC... Karim Achoura

Karim Achoura joined our TC family in January 2021 – coming from a strong airline background, he has spent most of his career working within Emirates Airline as a Flight Purser. Using his passion for travel and personal travel experience, Karim decided that the next move for him was to start his own business…

Why did you decide starting your business with Travel Counsellors was the right move for you?

I decided to join Travel Counsellors after completing some research and hearing all positive feedback about the brand, how they work with their franchisees and their focus on customer service. The concept of working from the comfort of your own, sharing your passion for travel with your family, friends and network was exactly what I was looking for.

How did you find the joining process?

The process of joining is very easy! Once I decided to join Travel Counsellors you initially complete a thorough business plan – this plan goes through more information on your potential network and your availability to run a business. Once you have met with the office to discuss your plan you are then set up for the in-office training.

The in-office training is very in-depth, it takes you through the booking system, marketing and all the aspect of understanding how to run your business with Travel Counsellors.

For people who are considering joining Travel Counsellors, what advice who you give them?

If you are passionate about travel and you’re looking to share your expertise with other people with a focus on customer service – this is the right industry and the right place to be!

We have the world to see, come and join us!

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