Ex-airline crew, Roxanne Budhai shares her experience of turning her airline experience into a travel business

CRM - Roxanne Budhai

Tell us about your background prior to becoming a Travel Counsellor

My curiously with travel started at a very young age, which led me to complete a Diploma in Travel & Tourism, and thereafter working a cabin crew for 19 years, exploring the world. Within this time, I continued to study and in addition to traveling, trained Aviation Security for the last airline I worked for.

Where did you first hear about Travel Counsellors?

After having my first child, I was thinking about spending more time at home, however still felt the need to explore travel in one way or the other. I came across a “Travel Counsellors” sign at the DNATA building and became very curious. I do admit that I am one who sometimes has a “FOMO” phobia. (Fear of Missing Out) So, I went online to ease my curiosity and eventually signed up for a TC Discovery session!

What was it that attracted you to start up your own business and become a Travel Counsellor?

I must admit that after attending the Discovery Session, I was unable to let go fully of my travelling holiday (Cabin Crew), however always thought about how amazing it would be to share my wonderful travel adventures with others, in the hope that more people would long to explore our wonderful world. What gave me the push I needed was a positive outcome of what many see as a negative: COVID-19 gave me the clarity I needed to realize my next step towards career fulfilment.

When you joined Travel Counsellors you attended a 10-day training induction program – did it meet your expectations and why would you recommend it to a potential new travel counsellor?

When I think back at the 10-day training program, I always have a smile on my face and realize what a great decision I have made to join Travel Counsellors. Changing careers, and learning something new is always a challenge, however these challenges were overcome in the induction training. The amazing welcome from Holly McCann was the confirmation I needed to realize, that “This is where I’m supposed to be!”

I listened to Katie McMichael (Marketing Manager) in awe whenever she spoke about marketing as a new business owner and took as many notes as I could in order to reflect on later, knowing how much all the information passed on to us in the training was going to help build our own TC brand as individual business owners.

Nga Meti (Operations) never failed to amaze – he was always a delight in the training – Just hearing about his own travel experiences and being able to relate to many of his amazing trips, made the training feel like a mini holiday on its own. The scene was always set accordingly, which made the operations skills that much easier to apply.

Catherine Youden (Operations) encouraged, welcomed and answered many of our many questions with ease. And is still doing so!

The induction training may have ended, however the support and guidance required to continue being a successful Travel Counsellor is still ongoing! Finally, the friends I have made during the Induction training are ones that I will never forget – meeting likeminded individuals who are zealous about travel is indeed a reason to want to be a Travel Counsellor.

What would you say to others with a background in aviation who are also considering a career as a Travel Counsellor?

That’s easy… I would say, “Go for it” I believe that many “Aviators” have an unmistakable desire to provide and being a Travel Counsellor contributes towards satisfying that urge: sharing a passion for travel!

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