Meet our TC... Sibo Sibiya

Sibo - Large Why did you choose to join Travel Counselors?

After reading a lot of our Travel Counsellor’s online and having a look at some of the UAE Travel Counsellors profiles. I do like the philosophy, it's something that's very much in line with the person that I am. I do love giving personal service and I love to travel. I like forming relationships with different kinds of people from different places all over the world and that matches Travel Counsellors perfectly.

The focus of having a Travel Counsellors business is on building personal relationships more than just hard sales, this is what resonates with the person that I am and I believe selling to create relationships and selling to give people an amazing experience - That's what I'm all about.

Because of the similarities in philosophies between myself and Travel Counsellors, it was perfect. That's the main reason why I am joining Travel Counsellors.

__How did you find the comparison between our booking engine, Phenix and our processes with what you're used to in your previous travel agency? __

There is a big difference between the Travel Counsellors booking system and the booking systems from where I used to work. I say “systems” because there was more than one in a single booking. You'd have to source various products from eight different systems and then merge all into one quote. When I saw our Phenix system, it is a one-stop shop for everything and is very easy - it's a very seamless system.

Even the branding available and how to quotes are presented in the system, it even makes me want to travel!

During your joining process you attended the virtual Discovery Day, how useful did you find that session with deciding to join Travel Counsellors?

I found the virtual discovery session very informative; everyone was asking questions and it was very engaging. Seeing the information on your screen, you can scroll back and forth and get all the information you require. Another thing I liked about it was that you could come back to the recording, I remember I came back a couple of hours after and I noticed some things that I hadn't heard the first time around.

It also gave you the time and space to process your decision with less pressure.

What did the virtual Discovery Day cover?

Holly explained what it means when they say, “With us It's Personal” and the DNA of Travel Counsellors and the people they attract, not only from Travel Counsellors but also customers also.

The session covers what it means to be a Travel Counsellor, what we can sell and how the setup of running your business from home works. She went through the systems we would use to run our business; the different joining route of entries and what fees are involved – it was all very clear!

Interested in becoming a Travel Counsellor?

It's a big decision, that's why we're on hand to help you.

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