Are you a travel agent wondering how to get back on your feet? Be part of a global franchise that cares

As an industry, we’re facing one of the toughest environments we’ve ever been in.

While many companies are forced into making tough decisions and in-store travel agents face mass redundancies, Travel Counsellors are using our strong, supportive network to look after our agents and set ourselves up to come through the other side stronger than ever before.

Why are we so confident we’ll weather the storm? Because we are a global franchise who truly cares.

How a home-based travel franchise works

Travel Counsellors enjoy all the benefits of being their own boss while still having the support of a company who knows that your success is our success.

With 25 years building home-based travel businesses for professionals across 7 countries under our belt, we’ve mastered the formula for success and know it’s all about partnering with you from the very beginning and right throughout your career.

Here’s how it works.

You are an independent business owner and we work as a safety net to protect and guide you. Through our extensive experience and sterling reputation, we boost your profile, give you marketing, admin and IT support, provide world-class training and set you up with our state-of-art booking technology.

Your role? Be the face of your business and handle customers, make bookings, create excellent itineraries, network and capture and convert leads.

60/40 commission split

Our business model is extremely unique and is the driving force behind our incredible 97% franchisee satisfaction rate. It works by letting you keep 60% of your commission, with the other 40% going back to the company to support you with tech and operational support unparalleled in much of the industry.

In 2018 alone we spent $11 million on state-of-the-art technology that improves agent conversion rates by 25%. Making any investment in us, an investment in you.

Work/life balance is important to us

You have a life outside of work, and we appreciate and support that. That’s why Travel Counsellors get to be their own boss and have flexibility to choose their own hours. If you have kids, hobbies or holidays you need to work around, that’s completely up to you! We also like to promote work-life balance with our ongoing social activities and personal support such as:

  • Personal counselling
  • Mentorship programs
  • Life coaching
  • Social events
  • National and international award evenings
  • Family fun days

Get back on your feet with a business model that works

We know our business model works because of the success and satisfaction of both our agents and their customers. In fact, a whopping 92% of Travel Counsellors succeed with our proven business model compared to 20% of small business owners who go it alone.

Unlike many office-based agencies, Travel Counsellors aren’t constrained by alliances to one brand or service that aren’t necessarily the best fit for the customer - or their own commissions.

Travel Counsellors is different. Our advanced integrated digital platform, Phenix, allows you to find and book the exact services your customer’s needs at the right price. We have connections and competitive agreements with some of the best suppliers in the industry, but we leave it up to you to decide who to book through. Our business model is all about flexibility and giving you as the business owner control. And that’s why it works so well.

Lower investment costs

If you have to start from scratch, you probably think there’s no way you can afford to dream about starting a travel business. With Travel Counsellors, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While bricks and mortar locations require hefty overheads such as rent, body corp payments, utilities and all sorts of expenses that can be impossible without a substantial bank loan, this is not the case for home-based professionals. All you need to get started is the right attitude and a stable internet connection… That’s all!

Financial protection

With Travel Counsellors, your customers’ bookings are fully guaranteed and their money held until after they’ve departed for their trip. This gives you and your customers peace of mind that they won’t be ruined if their plans do not eventuate from unforeseen circumstances. For example, if an airline collapses, a hotel suddenly closes, or a travel operator goes out of business, you and your customer won’t be out of pocket.

After this recent period of instability, financial security such as this is a huge relief and allows you to get back on your feet without fear.

It’s also helped us protect many of our customers from recent supplier failures, ensuring their repeat business and loyalty in the future.

The latest technology to get you ahead

All of our franchisees have access to state of the art technology that we’ve invested heavily in over the last few years. In 2018, we spent $12 million upgrading our systems, including our booking app Phenix.

Our technology increases conversion rates by 25% and streamlines the running of your business by utilising one interface rather than multiple applications that are messy and non intuitive.

This competitive advantage is accompanied by 24//7 duty desk and IT support, meaning you won’t ever find yourself in a pickle without an expert to guide you through.

Highly skilled mentors will invigorate you

If you’re worried about getting back into the groove, there’s no better way to invigorate than to partner with one of Travel Counsellors highly trained mentors. These business gurus coach you in starting your business and will stay right by your side on your path to success. Personalised care like this is a major reason why Travel Counsellors do so well and are happy in their jobs.

Ongoing support

The travel industry will bounce back and when it does, Travel Counsellors will be here to support all our new and existing franchisees get on their feet and thrive.

Through our second-to-none financial, social, administrative and personal support we’ve helped thousands of travel professionals worldwide turn their dreams of running a business into a reality while providing them and their customers with the type of security only an established, global company can give.

Whether it’s the incredible relationships we’ve built with travel’s leading suppliers or our reputation for reliability and excellent customer service we’re here to care for you. All while our community of like minded business owners cheer you on and support you either online or at one of our many social gatherings and conferences.

If you’re a leisure or corporate travel agent, or one that has been out of the industry for a time and looking to return to travel, Travel Counsellors is the global franchise that truly cares.

Ready to talk about your future? Contact our friendly team for a chat today.