In conversation with coach and trainer Ben Quinn: ‘Travel Counsellors has blown me away’

Making the switch from a retail role to homeworking can be challenging, but Ben believes Travel Counsellors is the best option in the industry.

Most people hope to find a job they love, but sadly not everyone manages to find their calling. Since joining Travel Counsellors, Ben Quinn can say that he genuinely loves his work helping new Travel Counsellors reach their potential.

Working as a trainer and business coach in the close-knit business development team, Ben Quinn relishes the fact that he’s making a real difference to the lives of Travel Counsellors working across Australia.

Before joining Travel Counsellors, Ben cut his teeth as a consultant and then team leader at Student Flights, before moving into a training role at Flight Centre head office in Melbourne.

Realising that he was well-suited to training roles, Ben was tempted by the opportunities on offer at Travel Counsellors. “The reason that I chose to make the leap to Travel Counsellors is that the role allows me greater flexibility. I have more input in the training content and how it’s delivered. This means that I can have a bigger impact,” Ben explains. “This job enables me to get to know the people I train on a more personal level. The more I know them, the more I can tailor training to them and find ways to motivate them to succeed in their business.”

Having worked as a consultant in retail environments, Ben sees three main areas that Travel Counsellors excels at in comparison to other homeworking networks: superior support, top technology and increased freedom to sell a wider range of products.

Support “Starting your own business is an incredible leap to make. So knowing that there’s someone there to support you through the process is incredibly important,” says Ben.

“I love the level of support that Travel Counsellors provides to its consultants. Instead of just training someone at the start of their journey, I can have more of an impact by staying connected with them over a longer period of time.”

Using video calls to connect with new starters located all over Australia, Ben coaches and mentors Travel Counsellors in the early stages of setting up and running their business – a critical time for business owners in any industry.

Recognising that new Travel Counsellors need a high level of support as they find their feet as business owners, Ben and the business development team are dedicated to ensuring no one is left to flounder on their own.

“My drive comes from wanting to see Travel Counsellors succeed. It’s so rewarding helping others. Even though I enjoyed selling travel, I get more reward from training, coaching and supporting others.”

Technology Even though he’d never thought much about the use of technology in the travel industry, that soon changed when he joined Travel Counsellors and was exposed to the MyTC App. “The MyTC app is amazing. I’ve never seen anything else like it in the travel industry. It’s easy to use, the design is great. I love it so much I’ll do anything I can to book something in our system so I get to use the app,” Ben says, laughing.

Ben was also blown away by the in-house booking system, Phenix. Improved and updated constantly by the technology team embedded in the UK head office, the system was custom-built to deliver Travel Counsellors exactly what they need out of a booking system.

“Tech is such an important part of selling travel, so it’s great knowing that there’s a dedicated in-house team working on the booking system. As a customer, I think the app is a huge selling point. It gives travellers everything they need, right at their fingertips. In this day and age, that’s really valuable.”

Freedom Having the freedom to work your own hours is a huge drawcard for many Travel Counsellors. But Ben sees other freedoms as valuable as well. Specifically, the ability to sell a wide range of travel products – not just a narrow list of preferred suppliers.

“As an international company, Travel Counsellors has great buying power. Some of the products we have at our disposal are incredible and not available to other agents in the industry. Travel Counsellors aren’t tied down to one supplier either,” says Ben.

Ben believes that this way of selling is a real win-win for both Travel Counsellors and their customers. Travel Counsellors can put together the best itineraries from a huge product mix, and customers get to go on trips crafted with thought and integrity.

“I get excited every time I see someone I look after put through a good booking. Seeing them succeed is the reason I do the job I do,” Ben says.

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