Start your travel business from home

Join our 1,900+ work from home Travel Counsellor franchisees and start a job you'll love.

Always dreamed of working in travel?

Starting your own travel business, even if you have never worked in the travel sector before, is easier than you think.

Our best-in-class Academy programme has been created specifically to do one thing: to train and nurture professionals from outside the travel sector to become travel experts.

Over 32 weeks, we'll equip you with the skills and tools to build your own successful travel business.

Beyond an industry-leading travel training programme, we provide you with tech hardware, infrastructure and support, and access to our global buying power for better margins on the travel you sell.

If you become a Travel Counsellor, you’ll be a self-employed franchise holder operating under the security of our license.

We don’t cap earnings as we operate as a commission-based business – the more you sell, the more you earn.

See What Our Customers Say About Us

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. But don't just take our word for it, see how our customers rate the service their Travel Counsellors have provided via Trustpilot.

Funding your new business

If you want to start your own travel business, but need a little helping hand to get things moving, we've partnered with Lloyds Bank to help you do just that.

We've agreed a business loans programme with Lloyds to help you set up your new travel business, and provide working capital to help you along the way until your business becomes established.

Find out about our business loans with Lloyds to see how it works, and what a typical repayment looks like.

Take the first step toward your own travel business

We’re the travel professional’s choice. We're the biggest and most successful community of travel professionals in the UK, providing more training via professionally qualified coaches than anyone else. We’ve also grown over 10% every year, for 16 years.

To become a Travel Counsellor, you’ll need to:

  • Fund initial set-up investment of £10,000 + VAT - business loans available
  • Make a full-time commitment
  • Know you’ll be self-employed, on commission only
  • Be eligible to work in the UK
  1. Complete the form below

  2. Our New Franchise team will review

  3. We'll contact you via phone or email

Why Travel Counsellors?

We provide you with the tools, technology and support you need to create a job you love and build a successful travel business.

Industry-leading training

  • 32-week professional travel training
  • Access to 450+ travel learning modules

We'll develop you & your business

  • All our coaches are ILM-qualified
  • Global supplier trips to gain first-hand destination knowledge

Full business support

  • You’re self-employed, but with complete head-office support
  • Huge range of suppliers to create bespoke travel packages

Put your customers first

  • Technology to create tailored travel experiences
  • Freedom to provide exceptional service

Uncapped earnings

  • There’s no limit on how much you can earn
  • 60% commission with no sales targets

Investment in technology

  • We invested £7m+ in our tech last year alone
  • Dynamic packaging via our ‘myTC’ mobile app
Our Business Model
Becoming a Travel Counsellor is the best decision I ever made. I earn more, and I feel part of something really special. — Bob Peters - Gold Travel Counsellor