Make the most of January Peaks

It’s safe to say that ‘January Peaks’ is alive and well in the UK travel market, and at Travel Counsellors: January 2019 was our best-ever month, we saw over £5.1 million made in a single day, and we’ve got our sights set on beating that record in January 2020.

We chatted to some of our top Travel Counsellors to find out how they use the comparatively quieter weeks around Christmas time to gear up for the January rush.

Beating the rush

"For me it’s a good time to check back and make sure I’ve caught up with all my families who travelled over last October half-term", says Jo McDonnell.

"I find out how they got on and get them thinking about next summer. We’ve already got loads of brilliant early booking offers available at this time of year, so why wait 'til I’m really busy in January if they know what they want? It’s also a great time for getting my regular skiers to commit, as 2021 season is already on sale.

Getting ahead with Marketing

"I prepare a New Year newsletter to keep connected with my clients, so I get this written in December" says Gaynor Burgess.

"I like to schedule my social media posts for the first three months of the new year in advance, so I don’t have to worry about them when I’m really busy in January", adds Cheshire-based Travel Counsellor, Sonia Brobbin.

Taking stock

"Tidy space, tidy mind - most definitely!" says Yorkshire-based Travel Counsellor, Louise Hunt, who uses her free time to de-clutter and re-stock her office with supplies from our Brand Centre.

"Enquiries and bookings come thick and fast in January, so it's always a good idea to have a healthy supply of stationary, ticket wallets, business cards and other items I need, so I never get caught out"

Travel Counsellors also send out festive hampers, mini Christmas trees, cards and other branded gifts to top-booking clients and referrers over the festive season.

Riding the post-Conference wave

Travel Counsellors leave our Annual Conference, which takes place in mid-November, re-energised and motivated to take their business to the next level. So, December is a time for crunching the numbers and setting business goals for the year ahead.

Conference is also an opportuntiy to engage with suppliers and improve product knowledge, and many Travel Counsellors leave inspired to find out more about a product type or supplier, and familiarise themselves with what's hot for the year ahead.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of self-employment

Being able to make the kids' Nativity, take more time to visit loved ones, or even walk the dog in the daylight are all small wins for Travel Counsellors in December, as well as deciding their own Christmas working hours of course!

Many TCs also take the time to set personal goals and vow to make the most of their flexibility for the year ahead. "I’ve created a Dream Board this year" says Hull-based TC Sarah Smith. "As well as setting my business goals, I’ve included things like spending more time with my Mum and getting round to doing up my kitchen!"

So, rather than trekking to work in miserable weather, twiddling your thumbs as business dwindles or being stuck in the office when you'd rather be with family and friends, why not look to become a Travel Counsellor?

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