Video: From Tour Operator to Travel Counsellor

Emma Turner became a Travel Counsellor in 2015, after a career working in tour operating.

She describes her life now as the same role she had before, but with the benefit of having more time and more product to get things just right for her customer.

Emma uses our in-house booking platform, Phenix, to tailor-make every single trip she books.

Everything is in one place, meaning Emma can sell more, sell what’s right for the customer to keep them coming back and control the margin she makes.

As a result, Emma is one of our top-selling Travel Counsellors.

We caught up with her at our ‘Gold Weekend’ in Marbella.

Find out how Emma Turner runs a successful tour operating business as a Travel Counsellor

More time and more product means Emma can create the holiday that is just right for her customer, and it must be working as she is one of our top-selling Travel Counsellors.

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