Where will my customers come from?

It's by far the biggest concern for anyone starting a business. But, each and every one of our 1,200 UK Travel Counsellors started off with no customers and have built their businesses over time. 230 of them even did having never worked in travel before.

What help will I have?

Based in our support centre in Manchester, we have 20+ people working in our marketing team to create a whole suite of marketing materials, training resources and providing one-to-one support for our Travel Counsellors.

From brochures and leaflets, email newsletters, videos and images for social media, branded stationery and merchandise, Travel Counsellors have everything you’d expect, and more, in their marketing arsenal.

What’s better is that all our marketing is personalised:

  • Every email will be addressed from you, even it comes from our automated system

  • Your customers will only receive the brochures, offers and stories which are relevant for them, based on their travel preferences and booking habits

  • And, you retain control, meaning you can chop and change who receives what

Even better news is that when customers are opted into marketing, their repeat booking rate is a huge 72%, compared to 59% for customers who are opted out.

If it gets your name out there, it’s marketing

The marketing team are a creative bunch, so beyond the traditional brochures and emails, you could start a podcast, send a TC Ted to accompany little ones on their summer holidays (and get the adults talking) or get a social media influencer to back your brand online, and the marketing team will be there to support you all the way.

But, the most powerful marketing comes from customers themselves, this is called user-generated-content. It can be as simple as sharing a post from a happy customer on their hols’ or submitting your customers’ travel videos to the team to smarten up into a ‘#TCExperience’ clip.

Our latest #TCExperience campaign helped two-thirds of Travel Counsellors increase their reach on Facebook and our newest Cruise brochure resulted in over £700k of sales within 2 weeks.

As well as items you can see and feel, the marketing and business development teams are there to support you with networking, asking for referrals and other ways to get your name out there.

We could write a brochure about our brochures, so rather than go into chapter and verse, take a look at the videos below, and get in touch with us to talk all things marketing.

More on Marketing

From personalised brochures (not the glossy kind, but the printed-on-recycled-paper kind), preparing a killer elevator pitch or thinking up savvy ways to spread the word, there are plenty of ways to get your name out there.

How I built my business

From Facebook to the school playground, Rebecca Whitmore explains where her customers have come from.

See for yourself

We’re always creating new videos and brochures, and they just keep getting better and better

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