Business loans to get you off the ground

We've partnered with Lloyds Bank to help get your travel business up and running.

Pursue your dreams

Financing a new business can be a challenge. It takes time to build a business and reach a stage where there's a clear return on investment.

So, we’ve partnered with Lloyds Bank to help those that need some financial support make their dream a reality.

Applicants can borrow up to £25,000 from Lloyds to help fund the set up of their Travel Counsellors franchise, and help support their business before it becomes fully established.

How does it work?

We've made arranging finance to start your new travel business as simple as possible.

Following an initial conversation with our team, you’ll be referred to our business loans consultant at Lloyds, who are familiar with the Travel Counsellors business model, where the lending application begins.

Applicants can borrow up to £25,000 over a maximum of five years, with no arrangement fees.

The interest rate on our agreed Lloyds business loans is 11.75% per year, plus Lloyds Bank base rate (0.75% per year).

All finance is provided by Lloyds Bank plc and agreed directly with them.


  1. Below is a typical example of a business loan provided by Lloyds to a Travel Counsellor franchisee:
  2. > Principal amount being borrowed: £14,000
  3. > Total fees: £0
  4. > Total interest payable: 12.5%
  5. > Credit period: 60 months
  6. > Loan repayment amount: £314.98 per month

Want more information?

If you’re ready to speak to us about becoming a Travel Counsellor, please fill in the form below, or call us on 0161 464 5243.