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Travel Counsellors are in demand as customers cannot wait to get away

As demand for holidays picks up pace, Travel Counsellor, Sarah Smith tells us when and where her customers are going, and how Travel Counsellors are perfectly positioned to reap the rewards from a surge in travel demand.

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Travel Counsellors focus on the future at our first-ever 'Inspire' event

“I felt on top of the world by the end of the day.” Find out more about our first-ever ‘Inspire’ event, a day of celebration and motivation for the global Travel Counsellors community.

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Travel Counsellors provide trusted travel advice to the nation

From local radio to TV news, Travel Counsellors have been increasingly requested to provide trusted travel expertise to the nation.

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Discover stories to inspire

Stories from real Travel Counsellors, words from our CEO and all the facts and figures you could want all await in our 'Stories to inspire' brochure

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Everything you need to know about becoming a Travel Counsellor in 2021

Hear from Paul Sharp, just one of the 160 franchisees who joined us during the pandemic, and Head of New Franchise Business, Matt Harding, to understand what to expect should you become a Travel Counsellor.

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Lyndsay Hayes: Starting my business in lockdown

Starting a travel business during a global pandemic may not seem like the most obvious career move, but that’s exactly what 73 of our newest Travel Counsellors did. Lyndsay Hayes in one of them.

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"I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I’m so motivated in my new venture."

  1. It’s true we might not be travelling far and wide right now, but more and more travel professionals are moving to Travel Counsellors in order to reap the rewards when the world does open up again.
  2. If you’re ready to create your future as a Travel Counsellor, then you’re in the right place.
  3. We’ll be sharing stories and insight from the TC Community, to guide you on your journey of becoming a self-employed travel business owner.

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