TC Together London - City

When the TC Community gets together, we’re better together.

If you’re interested in joining our community and becoming a Travel Counsellor, come along to our TC Together event to experience first-hand what life is like when you run a travel business with us.

When: Tuesday 9th November, 1pm - 4.30pm

Where: London City Centre

TC Together London is the perfect opportunity for you to meet our franchisees and experience first-hand the camaraderie of the TC Community, whose collective power is stronger than ever.

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What to expect at your TC Together

TC Together is all about coming together as a community, so expect less sitting-and-listening to presentations and more getting involved.

  • Our senior leaders will be hosting short, informal updates, keeping it light-hearted and of course, personal.

  • We’ll unveil evolutions to our tech that supports our Travel Counsellors and amplifies the personal service customers experience.

  • We’ll talk about building back together, highlighting the opportunities that make being a Travel Counsellor now so exciting.

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