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If the collapse of Thomas Cook has made you reconsider your career in travel, read on to see more about Travel Counsellors, or call our dedicated phone line on 0161 464 5040.

Leaving the security of a salary, a comfortable shop and a great group of work friends to become self-employed is, of course, a bit daunting.

So, we spoke to two Travel Counsellors, to find out what it’s like making the move from employed to self-employed and answer the burning questions about setting up business.

Claire Young and Leanne Golden both previously worked in high street travel stores: Claire joined us in 2017 whilst Leanne joined us after being made redundant from Thomas Cook.

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Leaving the security of a salary is by far the most common concern for anyone joining us. So, we asked Leanne and Claire how they found it.

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George Triggs and Jane Sheffield joined us after being made redundant from Thomas Cook

Having built their businesses using social media and the power of word-of-mouth, creating itineraries that tick every box and joining a vibrant community, they are storming ahead in Peaks.

We caught up with George and Jane in a live webinar on Tuesday 14th January.

If you like what you see, why not sign up to watch our webinar next week? We'll be speaking to more be ex-highstreet Travel Counsellors about the transition from employee to business owner.

Hear from George and Jane

Two of our newest Travel Counsellors are off to a flying start and enjoying everything being a Travel Counsellor has to offer

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50 Travel Counsellors joined us after being made redundant, and they all have their own success story

Sarah Newton was tracked down by customers who couldn't go without her, and made more in her first booking than she did in an entire week at Cooks

Helena Paton went one further and made her previous monthly salary in a single booking, from an enquiry she got from her brand new Travel Counsellors webpage

And, George Triggs kick-started his business on social media, and is storming ahead of Peaks, making more than some stores would do

But it’s not all about earnings

It’s the reassurance that being part of Britain’s Best Travel Retailer brings

The warmth that a supportive community provides

The control that setting your own targets and deciding your own working hours gives

And, the pride and joy that comes from wowing your customers and doing a job you love every single day

That's what Travel Counsellors is about

Messages from former Thomas Cook staff

A few months ago, these people were in your shoes. Now, they've set up their own businesses as Travel Counsellors and share their experiences.

Another familiar face joins Travel Counsellors

Former Campaigns Manager, Michael Shanahan, lost a company and a job he loved when Thomas Cook collapsed. Here he tells us how joining Travel Counsellors re-ignited his enthusiasm for travel.

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Will I be lonely as a Travel Counsellor?

In addition to our strong community, Travel Counsellors are empowered to work in teams, employ staff, share offices and more so they keep the sense of team spirit they are used to and can maximise their productivity.

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