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If you've been affected by the closure of Thomas Cook, read on to see more about Travel Counsellors, or call our dedicated phone line on 0161 464 5040.

We love the value that Thomas Cook people place on their customers, always putting the ‘Customer at the Heart’

  1. We have exactly the same ethos: our model is based on enabling you to look after customers better than anyone else, building your success on the word of mouth from happy customers.
  2. Your customers. Many of whom will have been loyal to you for years.
  3. It is your choice what you do next: you can hand them over to someone else to own, or you can use this opportunity to take care of them yourself, as you always have.
  4. We would love you to join our very own TC Family here at Travel Counsellors.
  5. Your talents, values and experience would fit straight in, just as they did for the 20% of Travel Counsellors who have joined us in the past 5 years.

From Thomas Cook to Travel Counsellors

We have welcomed four new Travel Counsellors and two former Regional Managers from one TC family to another. Hear their advice for people like you.

“All four of us have looked at the bigger picture and seen how things could be in the future." - Laura Boulton

With vast experience from five to 29 years at Thomas Cook, Laura, Sharon, Debbie and Pam became Travel Counsellors on our first training course dedicated to those affected by the collapse of Thomas Cook.

"Our teams meant the world to us, and now they have an amazing opportunity." - Jayne Marlor

Former Regional Managers, Jayne Marlor and Darren Bien collectively worked for Thomas Cook for over 60 years. Now they explain how the incredible knowledge and dedication to customers shown by ex-Thomas Cook staff means the future is theirs for the taking.

Life before Travel Counsellors: “The mentality and priorities of the business changed: it became very sales and target driven with time pressure to get customers in and out, rather than taking the time to get it right.”

Hayley O’Shea joined us in 2017 after the independent agency she worked for was taken over by a much larger, nationwide agency.

Pretty soon, it stopped being the company she knew and loved.

Find out how Hayley reignited her passion for travel by setting up her own business here.

It's always been about you

20% of our newest Travel Counsellors joined us from Thomas Cook. Find out why they chose us.

There's more to discover

Michelle Wilson: Changing my mindset and reaping the rewards

After joining us, Michelle challenged herself to change the way she worked; from selling third party suppliers to packaging together her own holidays and acting as the tour operator. Her life has changed unrecognisably since.

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8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Travel Franchise

So, you're considering starting your own business? It's a bold move that's being made by more people than ever as self-employment continues to rise in the UK.

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Will I be lonely as a Travel Counsellor?

In addition to our strong community, Travel Counsellors are empowered to work in teams, employ staff, share offices and more so they keep the sense of team spirit they are used to and can maximise their productivity.

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Video: Sharon Court - From Thomas Cook Manager to Business Owner

After 20 years at Thomas Cook, Sharon Court took the opportunity to set up her own business. She is now one of our top-selling franchisees, and her life has changed beyond measure.

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Earn more, create the perfect holiday and future-proof your business by using Phenix

Travel Counsellors are not pigeon-holed into selling a certain destination or product type. Plus, they retain control of the booking, future-proof their business and earn more money when they book through Phenix.

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Words of advice for those affected by Thomas Cook

20% of Travel Counsellors have worked for Thomas Cook at some point in their career. We spoke to one of them, Rebecca Whitmore, to find out her advice for those affected.

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Look to your future

20% of Travel Counsellors who have joined us in the past 5 years came from Thomas Cook, and now flourish.


Because they have created travel experiences that built a legacy. They have the passion that keeps them working after the shops have shut. And the ambition and insight to know that this is not the end of the road.

Watch our webinar

Two Travel Counsellors explain how they have built successful businesses on the strong foundations provided by Thomas Cook. Also hear from our Global Support team with words of advice and ways you will be supported by Travel Counsellors.

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