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2018 has been a record-breaking year for us. We’ve won more awards than ever before, had our most successful year, achieving over £600m in sales, and welcomed new investors to take our Travel Counsellors’ businesses to the next level.

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The atmosphere at Travel Counsellors is electric and nowhere is this more evident than at our Annual Conference. One of the most anticipated events in the travel industry, suppliers, partners and Travel Counsellors from across the globe celebrate together.

With our sights set on a future without limits, CEO, Steve Byrne, outlined how we will be investing in our Travel Counsellors to help them build thriving travel businesses.

5 Tips to Become a Top-Performing Travel Counsellor

Louise Edwards joined Travel Counsellors 22 years ago. Today, she’s one of our top-performing Travel Counsellors. At our annual conference, she took to the stage to share how she got there.

The Golden Hour - "Set aside time to clear the decks, plan and prioritise your work, this will give you the best chance to focus on what really matters for the rest of the day: customer bookings"

Ask for referrals - "I didn’t like to ask clients to refer me, but I started saying, ‘I can’t survive against the big boys if you don’t tell others about me.’”

Set goals - "Focus on yourself and forget about what others are doing. Set your own goals and measure your success against them, not others."

Pick up the phone – “I used to shy away from calling, but it works. I don't do email conversations anymore."

Never forget your value - "Know your worth and value your time. If I get an unrealistic enquiry sent through, I ask them to call me to discuss. That weeds out a lot of potential time-wasters.”

Antony Guy deliberated for eight years about whether to become a Travel Counsellor. Today, he's running his own multi-million pound franchise. Watch the video to hear his incredible story.

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