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New Relic Consultant

Role Description: Professional Services Contractor for Monitoring and Alerting

We are seeking a Professional Services Contractor to enhance our monitoring and alerting systems over a short term period. Key responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and addressing coverage gaps in our current system, ensuring comprehensive distributed tracing across all applications.
  • Improving the accuracy and completeness of data collected by the New Relic agent for applications running on IIS/.Net, including .Net 4 full framework and .Net Core apps.
  • Developing application-specific and platform-specific dashboards using templates or variables to monitor critical signals and business metrics.
  • Setting up actionable alerts to minimize alert fatigue and ensure new applications are covered automatically.
  • Providing guidance on the alert process and management.
  • Ensuring all applications log metrics in New Relic, utilizing all available capabilities like distributed tracing.
  • Producing meaningful dashboards for effective monitoring.

The ideal candidate will have expertise in monitoring and alerting systems, particularly with New Relic, and the ability to deliver results within a short timeframe.

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