I am living my dream – Rendane has started her very own travel franchise with Travel Counsellors

No more traffic commutes, no more working late in a retail office. From today I get to work from home. I will have freedom and flexibility in my life. I have big plans to chase some ambitious goals and I look forward to reaping the rewards.

I have been working in the travel industry for 17 years before I started my own travel business as a Travel Counsellor franchise.

I am Rendane Ngwenya. I was born in Soweto and my family moved to the East Rand when I was about 9 Years old. My passion for travel began when I was in High School. I took travel and tourism as one of my subjects. To this day I have never looked back. I am passionate about travel even though it is high pressured, but it keeps me on my toes. What I love about this industry is that you get to multi-task and think outside of the box. Plus, I love the excitement of travel and every day I get to learn something new.

I have 17 years of travel industry experience on my side and I have travelled widely to London, France, Dubai, Switzerland to name a few. There are many more counties that I would love to visit. Germany is up on this list especially as this is where my family are currently living. I also enjoy reading, cooking and exploring new things. A dream come true for me is that I have just started my very own travel business as a franchisee of Travel Counsellors.

As a Travel Counsellor I am looking forward to working for myself where I will work hard but where I can reap the rewards from my efforts. When I was employed, I could never leave on time as there was always something that demanded my attention. But working from home means that I am right there, and I can do the things that I need to do, and still be there for my customers. When I was self-employed, I spent many hours daily in traffic, but working from home means that I can enjoy a better quality of life missing the traffic.

I was also encouraged by close friends and family to take the leap of faith and to start my own business. I have set myself some ambitious goals that I know won’t be easy to achieve, but they can be done. I believe that hard work always pays off. I am looking forward to building and establishing my own client base.

If you can relate to Rendane's story then why not get in touch with us, we can arrange over a coffee, chat through your plans and explain how our franchise model works.

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