I changed my ITC host company & moved to Travel Counsellors

I was an ITC with another host provider but was feeling isolated. I made the mode to move to Travel Counsellors and feel so supported and part of something so much bigger.

Francois Joubert began his travel career in January 2001. He built up his travel experience working for a retail agency in Cape Town. Over time Francois become frustrated. He disliked the micro-manage along with always having someone looking over his shoulder. So Francois decided that it was time to go on his own and to start his own ITC business.

After some time, Francois began feeling isolated. It was then, that he began to do some research on the various ITC models in South Africa. This was where he discovered Travel Counsellors and explored this as an option. In February 2009, Francois made his move to Travel Counsellors. Travel Counsellors offered him everything he would need to run a business, from back office support to marketing and more...

Francois went from feeling lonely and isolated with his previous ITC host company. He know feels safe and so well supported as a Travel Counsellors.

Francois celebrates his tenth year running his own travel business with Travel Counsellors. He loves that he is now the manager of his time. A few years ago, he was able to move from Cape Town to J-Bay without this impacting his business. The support that I get from Travel Counsellors is the greatest thing ever!

I have seen how the company has invested in technology, particularly in the area of our dynamic booking system called Phenix! This system keeps getting better and better.

I have gained so much confidence in myself and in my ability to speak to others about my business. This is due to the training that Travel Counsellors has provided me with. It is incredible to see how my business has grown from referrals.

I love the travel industry especially that no-one day is the same as another. I love that I never get bored in travel!

If I could travel anywhere in the world right up on my bucket list is Japan and Pacific islands. I would love to travel to Japan to experience the food, the culture and see the nature.

I know that I have a great future as a Travel Counsellor. I understand that as I embrace the business model my business will keep growing. I understand that I am the only one who can set any limitations upon myself.

My customers appreciate the fact that they can get hold of me 24 hours a day, if there are any emergencies. They love that when they call that they will always speak to me. They will never speak to someone in a call centre, who knows nothing about them nor about their booking. They love the personal service that I can offer them.

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