Khutjo shares how she found her passion in travel

I started my working career as a Dog Groomer, to Secretary, to falling in love with the travel industry in 2004 to now starting my own travel franchise.

I am adventurous, determined and ambitious! I started working in travel in 2004, where I looked after a TMC and worked as a Sales Executive of a shuttle company. When I saw the blue screen from a consultant with the GDS, I fell in love with travel. I then decided to follow this love of travel where I went on to study Galileo at the University Of Pretoria. I achieved 100% and received a gold Certificate. I knew that I had found my passion.

These characteristics best describe me; I am hardworking, passionate and exceptional. I have worked in many positions in the travel industry; Junior Consultant, to a Senior Consultant (VIP Consultant), to becoming a Team Leader and to now becoming a Travel Manager.

I could not let go of my consulting role which I loved and I loved to be able to help my winning team of consultants. I loved it when my clients game me positive feedback from their travel experiences. I enjoy consulting, supplier negotiations, realising cost effectiveness way incl. cost containment and arranging for Quarterly Reviews. This has always brightened my day in the office. I'm people - orientated, energetic and my integrity and dependability has served me well in my working world. "develop a passion for learning , if you do you will never cease to grow” - Anthony J. D’Angelo

Some more about me… I'm a Pedi girl from a small village in Mokopane called Bakenberg. I love performance (Singing, Drawing, Cooking). You will definitely find me holding a microphone singing traditional songs. I am married to Lebogang Z Ramoshaba and we have two beautiful children (Lebogang and Onhli) who are my biggest why...

I've travelled to Turkey, Dubai and Mauritius to name a few of the destinations that I have travelled to. On my bucket list is Seychelles, New York, Kenya, Accra, Rwanda & Switzerland is definitely top of my list. I thank God for the opportunity of knowing almost every province in our country, from its cultural diversity to our neighbouring SADC Countries.

What becoming a Travel Counsellor will mean to me is that my time will now be my own. I love that I will be able to offer my customers the very best personalised service. I understand that I am the face of my business and my reputation is my thirst, so I will obey my thirst. I’m now part of a global organisation. The systems, tools and commercials at my disposal will enable me to exceed my customers’ expectations.

We asked Khutjo what she loves most about working in the travel industry? I love the travel industry’s creativity, the destinations, the personalised service that I can deliver. I want to travel with my husband so that we can experience some of these amazing destinations together. Travel is always changing and new discoveries are being made and I want to ensure that I stay on top of all these changes. I love too the personal relationships that I have made in the travel industry.

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