Lockdown allowed me to Reset

Meet Monique Els who starts her own travel franchise with Travel Counsellors. She will soon be starting her 2-week induction training course from the comfort of her home. We caught up with Monique to ask her a few questions; to get to know her better and to understand her journey in becoming a Travel Counsellor.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My husband's name is Albert Els and we have a beautiful girl of 5 years named Madelein. I have two cocker spaniels named Lolla and Pablo and a Parrot called Pepe. I love reading, spending time with my family, helping other people reach their goals and going for long walks. I am a Herbalife Independent Distributor and also busy with my personal Trainer Course online so that I can assist my clients to reach their goals faster. I have travelled to Egypt, Namibia, Mauritius and Thailand.

What motivated you to start your own travel business?

During 2020 lock time I had a lot of time to reset and look at where my life was going due to travel restrictions. I realized that for things to change I needed to make a change. For the last 12-years, I have been working for the same company. I felt like I had received my ceiling and I felt that the time was right to make a change that would be right for me and one that would help me to grow.

Starting my own travel business will move me outside of my comfort zone and this in turn will help me to reach new levels and goals. It will also provide me with more flexibility. I can balance my work around my family, I will save time in the day by saying goodbye to the commute. My customer will also benefit as I can offer them a personal touch to every booking. I will also have access to a bigger support team backed by an international travel company.

What will becoming a Travel Counsellor mean to you?

I am an extremely hard worker and I know that becoming a Travel Counsellor will mean that I can personally reap the benefits of my hard work. No longer will my salary be capped and if I work longer hours at least I know that It will be for my own personal benefit.

What are you looking forward to most about being a Travel Counsellor?

To earning Commission! I can’t wait to be able to work from home. I can't wait to be able to schedule my day around my work. No longer will there be a cap on my salary. I am a hard worker and I know that when I put in the extra hours that I will personally benefit from this.

Have you set yourself any goals or milestones for what you want to achieve in your first year?

Yes, I have, due to the current travel restrictions I know it will be a challenge, but my first step is to get all the training done, to get a full understanding of all the systems of and to build a new client database so that when the 'world is back to a new normal' that I am ready to start at full speed.

What do you love most about working in the travel industry?

I love learning about destinations…

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

The Greek Islands because of its gorgeous scenery and I can just picture myself lying on the beach.

Can you related to Monique’s journey? Have you reached your own ceiling? Would you like to grow both professionally and personally? Would you like to run your own travel franchise whilst being supported by the very best travel company in the world? Get in touch with Travel Counsellors and we can explain how the business model works.

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