Meet Ayesha Mahomed, a former corporate travel agent and now a travel franchise owner at Travel Counsellors

I am Ayesha Mahomed, I am married and have three children...they are all boys! I love travelling and taking long walks on the beach. I also enjoy reading and baking in my free time, I love sports and I go to the gym daily.

I began my travel career in 1995 and have worked for both retail and wholesale companies. In January 2020 I have taken the leap to move from employment to self-employment where I have started my own travel business as a Travel Counsellor franchisee.

The benefits of this is that I get to be my own boss and I get to work from home. This will mean that I can be more focused and that I will have less distractions. A huge benefit is that I will no longer have to commute to work, this will save time and petrol. I will also bel able to enjoy a greater work-life balance where I can fit my work around my daily routine. I also have the advantage that I can work from anywhere where I have my laptop and a highspeed internet connection.

I am so looking forward to the enjoyment of working independently, to be successful and I am so excited to build and develop new client relationships. I have a visual plan of what I would like to achieve one year from now. I am excited to start tracking my progress.

I absolutely love helping customers to plan their perfect holiday all the while building close relationships with them. Travel presents so many opportunities. On my bucket list for now is a trip to Morocco. I would love to go and see the breathtaking palaces, mosques, colourful medinas and the magnificent beaches.

I have completed my 5-day induction at our head office in Cape Town where I was trained on all things from Corporate Travel to marketing, to IT. I got to meet my Business Development coach who will help me to build and to scale my business.

During my induction training at Travel Counsellors, I used one of the marketing tools to create a letter of introduction to let my friends, family know that I had started my own business. It was so quick and easy to do, and I couldn’t believe that within a few minutes I got replies from people wishing me well and I got a few enquiries too. It was that simple.

If you too would like to take hold of your career and start your own travel franchise then get in touch and allow us the opportunity to show you how it all works.

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