Becoming a Travel Counsellor

Choose a better work-life balance and enjoy a future of unlimited earnings in an industry that you love. To get started, call us 0818 332 003.

Find your freedom as a travel counsellor

  1. Embark on an exhilarating voyage towards a career that's tailor-made for you. You choose your perfect work-life balance while enjoying a future of unlimited earnings.
  2. That’s what’s waiting when you set up your own travel business and become a Travel Counsellor.

Why choose Travel Counsellors?

We provide you with the tools, technology and support you need to create and build a successful travel business..

Best-in-class training

  • Bespoke, industry-leading training, whether your background is in leisure or corporate
  • A fast-track to selling, whichever training course you join

Support that goes the extra mile

  • The freedom of being self-employed with the reassurance of our full backing
  • Unrivalled inventory of suppliers and product to tailor-make travel

Realise your full potential

  • There’s no limit to your earning potential, and no sales targets to hit
  • You get 60% commission

Everything needed to put the customer first

  • Cutting-edge technology to create bespoke travel experiences
  • The freedom to provide exceptional customer service-time

Support that goes the extra mile

  • The freedom of being self-employed with the reassurance of our full backing
  • Unrivalled inventory of suppliers and product to tailor-make travel
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How do I become a travel consultant with Travel Counsellors?

Bernie Whelan, Business Development Manager

"We provide 4 different entry routes, depending on your previous experience in travel. Each travel training programme is tailored to your background and our team will be able to advise on the best route for you."

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Can I work as a travel consultant from outside Ireland?

Cathy Burke , Managing Director

"As a Travel Counsellor, you can make bookings from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection, but your business must be registered to a Irish address and you will only be able to access Irish product and fares."

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How much money will I make as a travel consultant?

Caitriona Kelleher , Business Support Executive

"Our business model has the scope to support you, whether you’re targeting the six figure earnings of our top Travel Counsellors, or our above-industry average of €35,000 pa"

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How to embark on your journey as a Travel Counsellor

We run different training courses with something for every level of experience. Each course is led by our expert trainers, together with home-based continuous e-learning programmes you can complete at your own pace.

To become a Travel Counsellor, you’ll need to be:

  • Fund your training
  • Commit to it, full-time
  • You’ll be self-employed

Feeling a tug towards joining Travel Counsellors?

Joining Travel Counsellors is a big career decision, and we're here to guide you throughout this exciting journey. Whether you're a newcomer to the industry or an experienced travel pro, we're ready to help you chart your course to success.

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We do things a little differently

It’s our approach to supporting and empowering our people the makes us different. Don’t let us tell you. Hear what our Travel Counsellors have to say:

“It's not only my dream job but it gives me the flexibility to juggle everything without having to ask someone else's permission.”

Ian Walsh, Travel Counsellor

97% of Travel Counsellors say they love their job

94% wouldn't return to their previous job

“I loved the family feel I got from Travel Counsellors from the beginning.”

Sarah Appleton, Travel Counsellor

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