Your business, your way

Enjoy the freedom of running your own business, with the 24/7 support of the head office team and our wider global community.

It’s the Travel Counsellors way of working, where freedom meets support, and customers come first.

Freedom to run your own business

  1. Our Travel Counsellors tell us it's the flexibility to set their own hours and manage customers in the way they see fit that they love most about the way we’re set up.
  2. As a Travel Counsellor, it’s your choice if you want to specialise; you’ll never be pigeon-holed into working on a specific destination, product or market, unless you want to.
  3. Achieve the work/life balance you dream of and run your business your way.

Make it work for you

Whether you work from home, in your local coffee shop or gym, set up an office or run a travel agency with staff; it’s up to you. Whichever way you choose to work, we will have certain expectations to ensure your business is successful.

You'll have flexibility, but you'll need to:

  • Build your own customer base
  • Become self-employed
  • Support yourself financially for the first year as you establish your business
  • Make a full-time commitment, even though you'll choose your own hours

Ready to take a look at our different training courses?

We cover both leisure and corporate training so you leave equipped to arrange all travel arrangements

No sales targets

Unlike a lot of franchise businesses, with Travel Counsellors, there are no sales targets to reach. However, you can be sure that with uncapped earning potential, we’ll be challenging, supporting and empowering you to grow your business to be the very best it can be. You’ll set your own working times, choosing the flexible hours that are right for you and your clients, but we’ll expect a full-time commitment to ensure that you’re successful.

Travel Agent, Tour Operator or TMC?

The simple answer is all three! You’ll have access to thousands of world-class products and rates - hotels, resorts, airlines, attractions, cruises, ancillaries - alongside the ability to work with specialist service providers and suppliers.

The only 'rule' is that you sell what’s right for your customer, because that’s our proven route to a successful and sustainable travel business. So, whether that’s a third-party operator’s holiday, or a bespoke itinerary you’ve crafted from scratch using our integrated digital booking platform, the only thing that’s fixed is the complete freedom you’ll enjoy to get it right for your customer every time.

It’s the flexibility that our Travel Counsellors love about our unique business model.

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Our global community

From our head office staff to thousands of Travel Counsellors across the world, we celebrate being part of a warm, friendly and can-do community of travel experts. When you’re working remotely building travel experiences for your customers, that feeling of togetherness and positivity is priceless. You’ll stay connected from day one. Life-long friendships are a brilliant support network often made on our training courses; whilst invaluable employee forums such as TCWorld and Skype mean your questions are always rapidly answered by your fellow travel experts.

Our annual conference is an inspiring, thought-provoking, motivating and fun event.

Bringing together our TC's, head office, suppliers, motivational speakers, training and company updates to fill the days, whilst evenings feature a host of headline performers for full-on, let your hair down, party time. You’ve earned it!

Will I be competing against others?

Lorraine Lawless, Travel Counsellor

"There’s plenty of work to go around. Because your business builds from your personal network, you’re never in competition, even with a Travel Counsellor around the corner!"

Do I have to work from home?

Emer McDermott, Gold Travel Counsellor

"No! You can work wherever your customers are, so that might be in your local coffee shop. I choose to share an office space in my area, as that works for me!"

Is it hard to work alone?

Imelda McCarthy, Travel Counsellor

"I never feel alone - the support network is amazing! I really love how supportive each person in the company is especially when I first started!"

Focus on the things that are important to you

Our way of working empowers you to do the things that matter to you while running your own successful travel business. From the school run, to walking the dog or fitting exercise into your day, you set the agenda.

If you’re ambitious, then you can set your sights on Gold! Travel Counsellors who reach a specific level of sales in a rolling 12-month period achieve our coveted Gold status. As well as a superb income from commissions, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive perks, including our incredible all-expenses-paid overseas Gold Weekend.

Celebrating Success

'Gold’ is the name we give to our top-selling Travel Counsellors. Far from being elitist, it is an achievement which is open to all Travel Counsellors and we celebrate their success with a number of events every year.

Interested in becoming a Travel Counsellor?

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