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Our Travel Counsellors Academy Programme


Designed for those who have a passion for travel, enjoy giving unrivalled customer care, dream of a work/life balance and have a background that involves selling and caring for customers. This is the gateway to a brand new career in travel

From Academy to Golden Girl


Having travelled the world as a guest services manager for RRCL, before working as a wedding and events manager for one of the busiest wedding venues in Meath, Sinéad made the decision to shift direction in her career and set up her own travel business

My Business Ally – Donna


Hear from Mandy Walsh as she discusses teaming up with fellow TC Donna Olohan this year, and why it was crucial to the success of her business.

myTC Engagement


Since its launch in 2016, we have seen a huge increase in engagement via myTC. It also takes care of the Carbon Footprint for those customers who are environmentally conscious

From Video Fame to Top TC


From Video Fame to Top TC, Imelda continues to be an integral part of the TC Community. She’s a great believer in the technology she has and makes sure that all of her clients are as enthusiastic about it as she is, particularly in using myTC.

The Community of Travel Counsellors


When you join Travel Counsellors, you become part of a community that is diverse. It has different levels of interaction depending on your personal choice, but at the very heart of the community is one that cares...

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