Our Business Model

Our proven model provides complete peace of mind.

The most comprehensive financial protection for your customer, and 360° wrap-around support for you.

How it works

  1. At Travel Counsellors, we work in partnership with you. You’ll be a self-employed franchise holder arranging bespoke travel experiences for your customer. You’ll earn money from commission on all the travel services you sell.
  2. That commission is then split 60/40 with us. 60% for you; 40% for us. For that 40%, we’ll provide you with unrivalled support and continuous investment in your business.
  3. Although we are a commission-based business, we champion superb customer experience and service above all else. So where two holidays exist, one better for the customer and one better for your pocket, your priority will be what’s right for the customer.
  4. Joining Travel Counsellors will give you the opportunity to be part of a unique global travel company that’s enjoyed double-digit growth for the last 15 years and won countless awards. Are you ready to be part of the next step in our incredible journey?

Financial Protection

It’s reassuring to know that your customers money is financially protected with Travel Counsellors. Travel Counsellors Ireland is licenced and bonded by the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland giving you and your customers the reassurance that their money is safe.

We work in partnership with hundreds of hand-picked suppliers and trusted travel providers around the globe to ensure our customers receive the highest possible levels of protection, care, support and service wherever and whenever they travel with us.

Why do we do this? Because no other travel company cares about its customers like we do

What can I book?

Our superb, integrated digital platform, Phenix, allows you to source and book the holiday that’s right for your customer.

Earn enhanced levels of commission creating bespoke travel itineraries quickly and easily. Filter and select flights, transfers, accommodation and services from a host of trusted travel partners all on one digital platform. Wrap them up in our financial protection, giving peace of mind to your customer, and delivering a truly unique travel experience that simply can’t be bought elsewhere.

Or, you can act as the travel agent, and book with one of a host of third-party travel providers.

Our model is all about flexibility, and doing what’s right for your customer.

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Fulfilling dreams, creating memories

As a Travel Counsellor, you’ll be responsible for running your own business, but we’ll support you every step of the way. Our expert coaches will provide you with proven strategies to build and maintain a sustainable customer base, but you’ll need to be outgoing, energetic, motivated and committed to networking and finding new business.

Our tried and tested model proves that a relationship-based network of clients leads to a higher level of repeat bookings, from delighted customers who truly value your expertise and exceptional service. This is proven by our incredibly high customer satisfaction score of 96%.

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To succeed, we’ll give you:

Industry-leading tools and technology, world-leading training, ongoing support and a warm welcome into a fantastic global travel company that’s truly unique. In short, we’ll give you all the support you need to make yours a successful business.

To succeed, you’ll need to be:

  • Eligible to work in Ireland
  • Able to make a full-time commitment
  • Self-employed, on commission-only

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How we support you

No matter how big your ambition, you’ll always get the support you need:


  • Best in class training and ongoing support, whatever your background
  • We’ll support you to set up, grow and succeed with your business

Head Office

  • You’re self-employed, so you call the shots
  • But you’ll have our full head office team working 24/7 to help and support you


  • Our cutting-edge integrated digital platform
  • Constant investment in new technology to support your business


  • Our unique standing in the industry is a powerful ally as you set up your own franchise
  • 1,800 global colleagues provide instant expertise and an invaluable support network


  • Personal business coach to increase your skills and confidence
  • Continual learning and development to keep your knowledge expanding and your business growing


  • Our daily media keeps you abreast of the latest developments at Travel Counsellors and in the travel industry
  • Webinars, TV shows, forums and message boards keep you informed and included

The Travel Counsellors Community

The Travel Counsellors family

At Travel Counsellors, we love what we do. After all, we’re in the best industry in the world - travel. Our giveaways, educationals, incentives, events, promotions and family days are second to none.

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