6 Signs You Should Become A Travel Counsellor

If you’ve ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to strike out on your own as a Travel Counsellor, wonder no more! Here are the six key signs to look out for…

1. You’re passionate about travel

OK, glaringly obvious really, but still our number one… We all spend far too much time at work to not spend that time doing something we love.

It’s fair to say that all Travel Counsellors share a love of travel – whether they find that in exploring new places, putting the perfect package together for a client, or discovering wonderful new travel experiences and insider tips to share with like-minded souls.

Unfortunately in too many travel careers the harder you work, the further away you find yourself from what made you join the travel industry in the first place.

Travel Counsellors gives you an opportunity to be rewarded for the hard work you put in without having to distance yourself from the bit that got you hooked: creating bespoke travel experiences for your customers.

2. You love going the extra mile

If there is nothing you like more than searching for the best way to fulfil a demanding client brief, researching the best value routes for an urgent journey or adding a “wow” to a holiday experience, you need Travel Counsellors as much as we need you!

We’re all about personal relationships and going the extra mile.

If you find yourself getting frustrated that time constraints, interruptions, targets and deadlines are preventing you from delivering the service you want to deliver for your clients, becoming a Travel Counsellor gives you the freedom to put this right.

Because you are in charge of your own targets, deadlines, hours of work and commission, you can put as much effort into every booking you take as you desire.

3. You want to feel rewarded

What’s more, as a Travel Counsellor, you know that the extra effort you put in to perfecting each client booking isn’t only benefitting your clients – its benefitting you too.

It’s frustrating when you know that your hard work is not making money for you, but for the company that is stifling your creativity. You don’t have to make these compromises when you are a Travel Counsellor – because you set your own hours and your own rates of commission.

Because you are your own boss, there aren’t any limits on how much you can earn!

4. You’ve always dreamt of starting your own business

We’re not pretending that these kinds of sales achievements and earnings fall straight into your lap; setting up on your own requires hard work – even with our help.

So it is important that you have the drive and passion to get yourself out of bed every morning even when there is no office to go to. You’ll need to be self-motivating and eager to succeed. But if the prospect of trading in the “nine to five” and a flat-lining wage for flexibility, freedom and an uncapped earning potential excites you, then you have a natural home at Travel Counsellors.

And, of course, as a Travel Counsellor you’re not entirely on your own: you will have access to all our support services, your own Travel Counsellor Business Development Coach, our award-winning systems and our marketing support.

5. You want a career that fits around your life

One of the biggest advantages to becoming a Travel Counsellor is the flexibility and freedom it gives, especially when it comes to setting your own working hours.

As a result, we find that many people will join our team instead of return to work after parental leave or simply when family commitments mean they are seeking a better work-life balance.

But you don’t have to be a parent or carer to benefit from the flexibility being a Travel Counsellor offers; whatever you want to make time for, you’re the boss.

6. You want to be part of a company that shares your values

At Travel Counsellors, we’re proud to work differently. We put our people at the heat of everything we do, and our customers come first, every time. We focus on building lasting relationships, which helps us to create unique, exciting and inspiring experiences for everyone we touch. Why do we do it? Because we care… plain and simple!

And we must be doing something right because 96% of our customers say they would recommend us to their friends and family.

If your share our values and commitment to providing world beating customer service, then we’d love to hear from you!

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