A Day in the Life of Travel Counsellor Simon Armstrong

A Day in the Life of Simon Armstrong

After living in Dublin for 18 years, Travel Counsellor Simon Armstrong decided to move to sunny Spain last year with his partner. Simon, who joined Travel Counsellors in 2016, is now based in Valencia and has been able to continue growing his successful Irish travel business. He plans regular trips back to Dublin to meet with clients and to attend training and conferences. Simon certainly gets the most out of the freedom and flexibility that running his own business offers.

How do you start your day?

Usually with a walk in the park. I’ve measured exactly where I need to go to get my 10000 steps in every day! I take my time coming back to my desk – I don’t set any strict agendas for myself for the day. When I have work to do, I get it done but I don’t tie myself to my desk all day. That’s the perk of being my own boss – I am in control of my own time.

What does your workday involve?

Luckily as I am living in Spain, I am an hour ahead of the game, so it’s good for getting a bit of work done before the day in Ireland begins. The great thing about working for myself is not feeling guilty about taking the odd day off here and there at the last minute or taking a long lunch to enjoy the sunshine and of course a siesta! I don’t really have a schedule, unless it’s January and then I’m working non-stop!

How has life changed for you since becoming a Travel Counsellor?

It’s completely changed. The major difference is that I have been able to move to Spain whilst still working as an Irish Travel Counsellor. I get to sit in the sun on my balcony booking itineraries for my clients who are back in Ireland. Something I wouldn’t even have dreamed of 5 years ago. I couldn’t even imagine going back to clocking in and out any more for my shift.

How do you like to relax?

I love heading out for a few drinks in the local and a couple of plates of tapas in the evenings – the perfect end to my day.