Celebrating World Entrepreneur Day with Travel Counsellors

Sinead, Lisa, Ian and Lorraine

To celebrate World Entrepreneur Day 2019, we asked four of our Travel Counsellors to answer a question – What advice would you give to someone thinking about setting up their own travel business?

In 2005, Lorraine Lawless became our very first Travel Counsellor in Ireland. Lorraine is based in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath:

“It can be a bit daunting at first, and it takes time to get used to, but it is definitely worthwhile in the long run. You have to have a good support network behind you, and you will not join a better company than Travel Counsellors in terms of support, experience, technology and professionalism. If you are conscientious and you work hard, why not put all that effort into building your own business and reaping the financial rewards, rather than doing it for someone else? I love the unlimited earning potential. When I worked in an office, I always felt restricted financially whereas now I know if I work hard and do well, I reap the rewards. It’s a great motivator!”

Ian Walsh, who is based in Athy, Co, Kildare, has been a Travel Counsellor for 10 years:

“Do it! I know it’s a scary prospect taking the plunge to become self-employed, but it has been the best career move I’ve ever made. If you have a passion for all things travel, along with a determination and drive to succeed then you will thrive! The support from our offices in Cork and Manchester is incredible and my colleagues are the most helpful people you will ever have the pleasure of working alongside. You may be working from home, but you are never alone. With our instant messaging service, video calling and our message boards for travel advice from over 1400 colleagues worldwide, there is always someone with first-hand knowledge, tips and pointers to help you with your business. Working from home doesn’t mean I’m tied to my desk from morning to night either. On a sunny day I take the laptop out to the garden and soak up the rays while working! If I fancy a change of location, I can take my laptop down to the local coffee shop and work from there. The freedom of working from home means I can plan work around my life instead of my life around work. The flexibilities as a Travel Counsellor are endless…”

Lisa Nahedh, from Longwood, Co. Meath, celebrated 6 years as a Travel Counsellor recently:

“I would honestly say just go for it! It’s been the best decision that I have ever made in my career. 6 years on I am running a successful business which continues to improve all the time. The freedom to decide what I want to sell rather than being told what to sell is huge for me and my business. My clients know that I am proposing itineraries and products that suit their holiday plans and meets their needs. The support, technology and training I’ve had from Travel Counsellors has been a huge part of my continued growth.”

Sinead Daly from Garristown, Co. Dublin has also been a Travel Counsellor for over 6 years:

“Running your own business is not for everyone, but if you would like to decide what hours you want to work, how much you would like to earn, have great opportunities to travel and have amazing support from our fabulous head office then it is something to consider! The best thing for me about running my own business is the flexibility to work the hours that best suit me and my clients. I set my own deadlines, goals and achievements. I create my own working environment that is both satisfying and fulfilling. I never experience the same day twice and get new opportunities daily to challenge myself. I have been a Travel Counsellor now for 7 years and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.”