Ellen Warren: What's it like being a Travel Counsellor?

Ellen Warren and Ciaran

Welcome to our series of blog posts where we ask Travel Counsellors the all-important question: "What's it like being a Travel Counsellor?"

This week we introduce you to Ellen Warren. Ellen is originally from the Netherlands and has worked in the travel industry for 6 years. She joined Travel Counsellors in the Netherlands in 2014 but after falling in love with an Irish man, she decided to move to Ireland and joined us in Travel Counsellors Ireland in 2018. Ellen now lives in Dublin with her partner Ciaran and their dog Pappy.

“I started as a Travel Counsellors 5 years ago in the Netherlands as that is where I was born and raised, but in June 2018 I moved to Ireland, because of love. Being part of a global company meant that when I decided to move to Ireland permanently, I could continue doing what I love most and still take care of my clients in both countries. I am now based in Dublin and I can travel back and forth to the Netherlands when I need to meet my clients there.

Being a Travel Counsellor is something I’m very proud of. To be able to run my travel business and help all my customers in 2 different countries is amazing. The flexibility I personally have in my life is great and allows me to also be flexible with my customers. I decide when I start and when I finish my day, if I want to take an afternoon off and work in the evenings or at the weekend, I get to make that decision myself. If a client wants to call in the evening when they are finished with work or wants to meet up locally on a Saturday that is all possible. Working from home can be challenging for some people but with Travel Counsellors we have such great support from other Travel Counsellors and from our Head Office that I never feel that I’m working by myself.

The constant support we get from our local head office in Cork and from the global head office in Manchester means that I can continue growing my own business exactly the way I want it. We have regular training days and take part in online courses so that we are constantly up to date with everything travel-related as well as for our own personal development.

The fact that I can do something every day that I’m so passionate about makes me very grateful and extremely happy. I get to make dreams come true by creating these amazing holidays and making them a reality for people. The feeling you get when people are so happy with everything you do for them is the best feeling in the world. I love the fact that I’m not only there for them before the trip but also during and after. It is very rewarding to be there for them and I feel that this level of personal support is unique to Travel Counsellors.

Joining Travel Counsellors is honestly the best decision I have made and I’m so excited for the future. I’m proud to be a Travel Counsellor and to be a part of such a special company.”