Embracing technology with Travel Counsellors and myTC app

Travel Counsellors is a technology-enabled travel business, famous for the way it cares for its customers and its people. We encourage ideas and innovation. Our highly successful ‘myTC’ app is just one of the digital tools our Travel Counsellors have at their disposal to enhance the relationship they have with their clients. Since its launch in 2016, the company has seen an increase in customer engagement via the app, alongside a suite of marketing tools designed to help our home-based business owners boost their booking figures.

The app supports the entire customer journey, from initial enquiry to landing back home and beyond, housing all travel documentation and enabling push notifications for travel alerts when needed. We are delighted to see that both our Travel Counsellors and customers are embracing all the features myTC app has to offer to make their travel experience as smooth, easy and enjoyable as possible.

Travel Counsellor Sinead Lonergan encourages all of her clients to avail of our myTC app and says "our myTC app has made a big difference, not only the level of service I can offer my customers, but the increased success I have with conversions and customer engagement by using it."

Our in-house booking platform, Phenix, and the synced myTC app, are perfect complementary tech partners. Together they provide integrated quotes, bespoke itineraries and real-time travel updates to our customers, pre-, mid-, and post-travel. With a €6 million investment in technology in the last year alone, we are continually investing in our business. We provide one integrated digital platform so that our Travel Counsellors can do their job, brilliantly.