Fidelma Brady: What's it like being a Travel Counsellor?

Fidelma Brady TC

This week we introduce you to Fidelma Brady. Fidelma lives in Co. Louth with her husband Paddy and their two daughters Molly and Kate. She joined Travel Counsellors in 2007 and has over 30 years’ experience in the travel industry.

“I am so lucky to be able to say that I have worked in the travel industry for 30 years and I still love it. When I first investigated Travel Counsellors in 2006, I instantly knew it was what I wanted! However, the timing just wasn’t right for me at that very moment. The following year, in January 2007, I met Cathy Burke at Holiday World and made my decision to join later that year as I was due to have my first child in July. In November 2007 I started my career as a Travel Counsellor. I still remember my first ever booking and the lovely couple are still my clients today. My first year as a Travel Counsellor was a busy one. By November 2008, I had two baby girls, Molly & Kate, both under 16 months, a new travel business and my husband Paddy was working full time and studying for a degree at night… so it was hectic to say the least! My business grew from there and in the early years I worked most evenings and weekends to keep up with business & family commitments. I have always had the full support of our team at Head Office and my colleagues, especially my very good friend Mandy Walsh whom I had met on my first day as a Travel Counsellor. Whilst the support remains as strong today, I am glad to say that things are much calmer now.

I always wanted to work in travel, I am passionate about it, but I had always wanted to be a mother and to spend time with my children and ensure I was fully involved with them every day. Being a Travel Counsellor has allowed me to do both. I know I am very blessed and lucky to be able to combine both as it’s not always possible. Each day I take my children to school and I am there at every play or event. I am totally flexible but I am also quite strict in planning my working week in advance so I can give my clients the personal service they require & be there for them too.

I feel so lucky to have amazing clients who value me as much as I value them. I am lucky enough to count many of them as friends and I thank them always for supporting my business. They also refer me to their friends and colleagues and my business has grown year on year.

Being a part of Travel Counsellors offers me the most amazing technology and access to suppliers worldwide, which allows me to give my clients bespoke itineraries to every corner of the world. I am constantly learning. Recently I completed a course on Accessible Travel so that I can make travel accessible to everyone regardless of their personal situation.

I love to travel myself and my travels have taken me to some amazing destinations like Argentina, Mexico, South Africa and most recently to Istanbul. Last year I got to experience the Wildebeest migration in the Serengeti which I have to say was a dream come true. My favourite holiday of all is a safari and I have travelled to Kenya, South Africa & Tanzania and someday I hope to get to Botswana – it is top of my bucket list!”