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From Banking to Travel with Travel Counsellor Nicola Browne

Nicola Browne

Nicola Browne wanted more control of her working hours, and to grow a business slowly for the future of her family. However, after working with a leading bank for over 15 years, it wasn’t an overnight decision for Nicola to completely change her career path. Her passion for travel and her ambition to set up her own business helped her to make up her mind and she joined the Travel Counsellors Academy Programme in 2019. Nicola lives in Killarney, Co. Kerry with her husband, 2 young children and their dog Oskar.

“I worked in finance for almost 20years. In later years I worked in business banking helping to manage a portfolio of clients. Banking has changed a lot over that period, and I felt I needed a big change. Having two young children I wanted a job that would give me flexibility to work the hours that suited my family life and have great earning potential at the same time.

It took me some time to make my decision to join Travel Counsellors but once I had I was very excited to get going. Initially I had two weeks training at the Head Office in Cork. It was very intense as everything was new to me. However, it was presented in a great format. Each member of the Head Office Support Team was involved which made training more interesting. I still have a huge amount to learn but the support and the tools that are provided really help including access to Destination Managers in many countries that help me with complex itineraries. Our in-house booking system, Phenix, is so easy to use which makes it easier to get bookings through.

I love working for Travel Counsellors. The support from Head Office and fellow Travel Counsellors is amazing. Every day is so different. I am presented with a different destination each day. For me, helping clients to plan their special trip just feels so good.

There is a strong sense of community within the Travel Counsellor’s world. It’s hard to explain but I work at home and yet I never feel alone. There is always someone at the end of the phone to have a chat with or on our internal Skype system to run an enquiry by.

The biggest high for me since joining would have to be that I am now in control of my own earnings and working hours. Life has changed for me since becoming a Travel Counsellor. I can do simple things that I couldn’t do whilst working in my previous role. I get to go for walks in the middle of the day and drop and collect my child from school and spend more time with my family which is so important to me."