From Video Fame to Top TC

In 2018, we created this great video of Imelda McCarthy and her family and what becoming a Travel Counsellor meant to them all. Fast forward to September 2022 when we checked in with the family to see how business was going and what difference running her own business had on their family.

Watch Original 2018 Video Here

September 2022 Imelda continues to be an integral part of the TC Community and is always willing to help out her Travel Counsellor colleagues. She’s a great believer in the technology she has and makes sure that all of her clients are as enthusiastic about it as she is, particularly in using myTC. We asked her to share the secret of her success;

Imelda says “My Golden Hour in the early morning works for me, I get so much done in the hours before 9am. I plough through my work, I am more alert, motivated, and efficient.”

This motivation and drive for her business success is what has led her to become one of the top Travel Counsellors in Ireland, recently achieving ‘Gold’ status, a recognition in the TC community for the high level of sales and personal earnings and she has recently returned from celebrating her achievements in Dubai with fellow TC’s and head office colleagues from Ireland and across the globe.

Not only that, but her business has become a family affair as Amy and Conor have grown along with it. Imelda and Donal’s daughter Amy, who’s recently sparked interest in all things social media is now helping Imelda to market her business on-line. Amy spent some of her Transition Year work experience in the head office in Cork with the Marketing Team to find out how she could market her Mum, and the brand, to become more well known locally and has a keen interest in seeing the business grow and taking all the photos and videos on the family adventures abroad!

Cathy Burke, Managing Director at Travel Counsellors Ireland says; “Imelda’s journey is a real success story and we are blessed to have her as part of our community. During the pandemic, she kept her cool and was a big player in encouraging everyone to remain positive. We are very happy she chose us when deciding on her career trajectory.”