How Travel Counsellors Recruit

Ciara, Bernie, Cathy &Caitriona

It is that time of year when people make resolutions and set goals, particularly about their career and how they can grow and earn more. If you want to learn about unlocking a future of unlimited earnings, a better work/life balance and a career you are passionate about, then it might be time to consider starting your own travel business.

For those currently employed in travel agencies who want to discover more about becoming a Travel Counsellor franchisee, there are two ways to start the conversation. Firstly, if someone is interested in finding out what it is all about, they simply call Travel Counsellors at 0818 332 003 and are guaranteed 100% confidentiality. Nessa or Bernie will answer any questions they may have and will then arrange a meeting at a mutually suitable location for the person to speak with a team member from Travel Counsellors’ Irish headquarters.

The second way is through connecting with individual Travel Counsellors, who are happy to talk to peers in the industry about how becoming a Travel Counsellor has changed their lives. For some, this piques an interest to discover more about the company.

“Travel Counsellors set themselves apart by building personal relationships with their customers and delivering the highest level of personal service and care that can be found in the travel industry,” explains General Manager of Travel Counsellors Ireland, Cathy Burke. “The same can be said for the recruitment side — it is about building relationships, and if anyone interested has any questions, we are always on hand to help.

“It is a big decision to make, so we never are forceful and don’t make cold-calls. Instead, we have always preferred those working in travel agencies who are considering a new career path to make their own informed decision, allowing them to come to us in their own time.

This is in line with our people-first culture. We also ensure that those who make that first initial step to connect with Travel Counsellors don’t feel under any commitment to join us just because they have reached out. We understand it is a big life change, so whatever stage of the journey you are on, just know that our door is always open.”

To learn more about Travel Counsellors, contact the team on 0818 332 003 today.