Is it time to change your life?

Our Travel Counsellors tell us time and time again just how much investing in a franchise with us has changed their life, and how their only regret is that they wish they’d joined us sooner. But how exactly is becoming a Travel Counsellor having such a profound impact on our franchisees? Read on to find out just some of the reasons why we’re in the business of changing lives.

How much you earn is in your hands

Have you ever felt underpaid and undervalued in your current role? Perhaps you’ve been refused a pay rise, or feel like a you’re constantly overlooked for a promotion? As a Travel Counsellor, you’re completely in control of your earnings. Plus, with our uncapped commission structure, there are absolutely no restrictions in terms of what you could earn.

Our model is very much about getting out what you put in, so with the right mindset, hard work, and our wraparound support, there’s no reason why you can’t beat your current earnings by a sizeable amount once your business is established.

Meet people you never knew you needed in your life

Thanks to our close-knit community and regular events that bring everyone together, there are plenty of opportunities to make friends within the community.

We often find that the strongest bonds are formed within induction cohorts, between mentors and mentees, and when travelling on our FAM and incentive trips which run throughout the year – as well as among franchisees who live close by to one another. Our Travel Counsellors are constantly forming life-long friendships, so you never know who might come into your life once you join our community.

The freedom and flexibility to do things your way

Although running your business needs to be a full-time commitment (i.e. you treat it as a full-time job and not a side hustle), you have the flexibility to work your day around your life. Need to drop the kids off at school? No problem? Want to meet a friend for lunch? Go for it! Need to get to a gym class for 5pm? Off you go! It’s your business to run in a way that suits you and your customers. You’re not chained to a desk or forced to work rigid hours. One of the main benefits of being a Travel Counsellor is the fantastic work-life balance that comes with being your own boss.

All your hard work is for the benefit of you and your family

The great thing about being a franchisee is that you’re building a business that’s yours – and it’s you and your family that will be profiting from its success. Many of our Travel Counsellors create a true family business, passing down the operations and running of the franchise to their children (and in some cases, grandchildren) when they’re ready to retire. Just think about the legacy you could leave for your loved ones in many years to come.

Experience the world and all it has to offer

It’s a given that you need to have a genuine passion for travel to be a Travel Counsellor – but many of our franchisees say that doing what they do only ignites their love for seeing (and selling) the world even further. As mentioned earlier, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go on trips – whether that’s FAM trips organised by our suppliers to give you first-hand experience of a destination, or incentive and Gold trips that reward the success of our business owners, you’ll never be far from an opportunity to explore somewhere new.

Being a Travel Counsellor also gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from working on enquiries from the comfort of a sun lounger somewhere exotic! As long as there’s Wi-Fi, the world is your office.

Would you like your life to look a little different? Whether you want more flexibility, the ability to to be in control of your earnings, or just want to turn your love of travel into a career, we can help you say goodbye to the mundane and hello to a life-changing business venture.