My Business Ally – Donna

Post pandemic, the travel industry has changed and how people run their businesses is at the forefront of these changes. Hear from Mandy Walsh as she discusses teaming up with fellow TC Donna Olohan this year, and why it was crucial to the success of her business.

What made you decide to collaborate with another Travel Counsellor?

With demand up by over 100% on pre-covid sales, I urgently needed assistance on variety of levels to maintain the standards I like to deliver for my clients. Each enquiry and client means so much to me, so I needed to find a way to service the demand, while still maintaining the flexibility. I decided to look at having a team around me, so that my clients could get the service they deserve and I also get a little more down time to spend with family and friends. That’s where Donna came in and she’s been working with me for much of this year, helping with enquiries, ticketing and admin when needed.

How do you find working together?

Communication is key, myself and Donna have been TC’s from the beginning of our business journey, and in the latter few years have become firm friends so we know each other well and most importantly Donna knows the standards I deliver to my customers. To be honest some days I would be lost without her support. Donna adds “After the last 2 years I knew I couldn’t give up what I loved – travel. Myself & Mandy had trialled working together pre-covid, so I knew I wanted to try again. For me I not only get to still do what I love but to help out other TC’s is a great feeling.”

Mandy & Donna

Has the experience been rewarding?

It has been a learning curve. Before Travel Counsellors, I ran two busy retail offices with up to ten members of staff at any one time, so it feels like life has gone full circle and my business is growing to where I always wanted it to be. I like to think that we not only work well together but offer support in many ways both personally as well as in business.

Being self-employed running your own business alone for so long, its often hard to ‘let go’ of some of the responsibility but I know by growing the team around me, the sky is the limit. The pressure of the last 12 months has been intense, so I am planning ahead for the next few years and having the help to hand of people I trust means I can look forward to the future knowing my business will succeed beyond my wildest dreams. As I grow I will include more people in that growth and success.