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Since its launch in 2016, the company has seen a huge increase in customer engagement via myTC, alongside a suite of marketing tools designed to help Travel Counsellors boost their sales. It also takes care of the Carbon Footprint for those customers who are environmentally conscious, giving them the choice to move documentation to digital only, or a mix of both.

myTC supports the entire customer journey, from initial enquiry to landing back home and beyond, housing all travel documentation, and enabling push notifications for travel alerts when needed. Mary Foyle who is a Cork based Travel Counsellor for 17 years says; “I love the fact that my clients are embracing all the features myTC has to offer, as it makes their travel experiences smooth, easy, and enjoyable and they never have to worry about losing a printed document.

What do TC’s love about myTC? TC Susan Ryan explains “I love the way customers can click the “like button” on a quote. This gives you a gauge that you're on the right track with suggestions. Many of my clients click the “request to book”, so I can simply re-check availability and call them to follow up and confirm the booking.”

What do customers love about myTC? Susan expressed how “My clients love the countdown feature, this counts down the days and minutes to their departure and is particularly loved by Honeymooners. They also tell me they really like that they can log in at any time and make payments without having to call me to do it”
Travel Counsellor Susan Ryan, Nenagh

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