Our Supplier Relationships

Tara Magee, like many of our trade partners, understands that to sell a destination, first-hand experience can be invaluable. So, in May she headed to Nashville with 6 Travel Counsellors and Caitriona from American Airlines. 3 of them flew with British Airways to experience the product, while the other 3 enjoyed the transatlantic services of American Airlines. The group of 8 had an amazing time in music city and naturally sales have soared since then. Once they returned, the six Travel Counsellors set up a webinar to share their experiences with the rest of the 80 strong TC community here in Ireland.

The 6 lucky TC’s were Michael Kelly, Celine Rooney, Jamie Thomas, Sarah Appleton, Ian Walsh and Sarah McCarthy.

In this video taken earlier this year, Tara talks about how educational trips work and the benefits she sees afterwards. Click HERE to watch