Our Travel Counsellors Academy Programme

The Travel Academy programme is designed for those who have a passion for travel, enjoy giving unrivalled customer care, dream of a work/life balance and have a background that involves selling and caring for customers. The Travel Counsellors Academy programme is the gateway to a brand new career in travel.

Bernie Whelan, Business Development Manager, says “Our Travel Academy programme is an opportunity for people who love travel and have the entrepreneurial spirit to run their own travel business, under the security of the Travel Counsellors umbrella”.

“Candidates who joined us over the years, did so with great enthusiasm as they had finally found the career path which would fulfil their ambition to be in a job that they loved. When you spend over a third of your life working, it is so important that you enjoy it. So, we are delighted to announce that our next Travel Academy programme begins in March 2023, allowing people to build a new life and career for themselves… and a successful business!”

Meet three lovely people who wanted a brighter future for themselves including more time for the things and the people they love. With ambition and determination they set up their own travel franchise and are now an important part of a supportive community of travel experts, working in the industry that gives them joy but allows them to play by their own rules and be their own boss.

Eleanor Roche – Following her passion for all things travel, particularly cruise, Eleanor from Waterford, left the world of Chartered Accounting at one of the “Big Five” firms to set up her own business through the Travel Counsellors Academy Programme. She has learned a huge amount in the past few years, attends every training session in-house and continues to learn in the award winning, TC on-line training system called Discover. Using her contacts from her old life she has established herself as a concierge travel expert in all things cruise, and her business goes from strength to strength.

IE - Eleanor Roche

Nicola Browne – With two young children, Nicola from Killarney wanted more control of her working life, and to grow a business slowly for the future of her family. When her employer, a leading bank, offered redundancy, Nicola jumped at the chance to start a new life. She joined the Travel Counsellors Academy Programme in October 2019, and her business has grown from there. During the pandemic, she became known through word of mouth as the “go to person” for repatriating people to Australia and she is on target to turnover ½ a million Euro this year!

Nicola Browne