Sharon Tiernan-Murphy: What's it like being a Travel Counsellor?

Sharon and Susan

We have a new series of blog posts where we ask Travel Counsellors the all important question: "What's it like being a Travel Counsellor?"

This week we introduce you to Sharon Tiernan-Murphy. Sharon, who is based in Duleek, Co. Meath with her husband Ultan and their dog Lady, has worked in the travel industry for over 23 years. She decided to join Travel Counsellors in 2015 which she says is the best decision she has ever made in her career to date.

"When I first investigated the option of joining Travel Counsellors over 4 years ago, I instantly knew the business model was exactly what I was looking for and the emphasis on providing a personal customer service to all my clients is something I was passionate about. Since joining in February 2015, I have not looked back and through the immense support from Travel Counsellors, the award-winning technology and comradeship of fellow Travel Counsellors, I have grown my business each year and I know I made the best decision.

For me, being a Travel Counsellor means I can provide my valuable clients with a unique service. Working one to one with customers and being available when they need me is invaluable for them. Working from home allows me to have a flexible approach to working hours and although I work very hard, I don’t have an issue with commuting in traffic especially in the cold winter mornings. However, I approach every day with a professional attitude in that I am up, dressed and ready every morning bright and early without fail.

There are times I may have to pop out during my day for an appointment, to meet a customer, deliver tickets or training and being a Travel Counsellor allows me to do so without having to ask permission. I am my own boss.

Sometimes there is a perception that working from home can be lonely or distracting, I can honestly say it is the total opposite for me. If I need any help with an enquiry or have a question about a product there is always another Travel Counsellor with the answer or suggestions to help. Coupled with the amazing support from the team in our Cork Office who are always there to help with anything. We are like a family and every Travel Counsellor has the same mind set and are always on hand to help or just to have a chat during the day.

Myself and my husband have always wanted a pet, however I felt it was not fair when I was out working full time and both of us would be gone from early morning until late evening, so when I joined Travel Counsellors, we decided now is the time and we adopted our pet pom Lady. Every day she sits with me in the office, we go for walks during the day and I am always there for her. Lady could tell some stories!

Since starting my business, I have learned so much more and the travel industry is changing everyday so you can never be fully qualified. However, the emphasis the company puts on constant training, upskilling, keeping up to date with new products and trends is exceptional. I am always encouraged to learn which again is something I am passionate about. Travel Counsellors are always ahead of the game with ever-changing technology and they are always looking at ways to keep improving. I can put a quote together in no time and provide my clients with professional bespoke itineraries and experiences.

I recently completed a new training course on Accessible Travel and making travel accessible to everyone. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing company - we are putting our customers at the forefront of everything. I have travelled on amazing educational trips with my most recent being a Business Class trip to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. I feel privileged to be part of a wonderful global company and run my own business with flexibility at the same time. I look forward to what the future holds for me… as we say - a future without limits!"