Our Community Platform "TC World"


Travel Counsellors launched in July 2021 a brand-new internal Community Platform, “TC World”, to further unite the global community of over 2000 Travel Counsellors and support colleagues, inspired by how our people have come together to support and learn from each other during the pandemic.

Travel Counsellors witnessed the true power of having a strong community, as its people came together to support one another, even when they couldn’t physically be together. With this new platform our TC’s get access to ten years of historic content from Message Boards and Yammer, which are no longer in use and as they now have the ability to communicate privately with members of the community, the option to post and answer questions and so much more!

We want to continue to focus on building and enhancing its platform of support for its business owners so they in return can provide the best for their customers. A platform like this gives our TC’s that freedom to come to the community with any questions or queries they have. Cathy Burke, Managing Director at Travel Counsellors Ireland, said: “As a business, we have built an incredibly strong culture, focusing on how we always keep things personal and people feel part of a community, so even though our business owners work remotely they never feel alone.

“This was more important than ever during the pandemic, where incredibly we saw our community grow even stronger in the face of such adversity. Through TC World, we want to make our online world as special as our physical world, whilst enhancing and strengthening the ability for our people to share and learn together.”