Using video to boost your business


96% of people are more likely to trust a recommendation from a person than branded content, which is important as we want video content to come from Travel Counsellors and their customers – whether that’s a holiday, a fam trip or anything else. It’s reassuring from customers knowing you’ve been there, you’ve seen it and the information you’re passing on is first-hand.

The style of the customer and Travel Counsellor-sourced videos provide more authenticity than planned out shoots. Sometimes the camera is a bit wobbly and there may not be the same sweeping shots as in professional videography, but it makes it feel more real and puts you at the heart of it. That’s why it gets more reach because it looks legitimate.

With video now being a vital component of the online landscape, it is important that we keep pace in order to provide our customers with as much of an up-to-date service as possible. Thanks to our Marketing Hub and video modules on our Colleague training platform, our Travel Counsellors are being encouraged to create their own content. There is training available on the various platforms with Coach Modules on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Various webinars on social media and you can learn more about vlogging, blogging and how to use hashtags appropriately.

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