What can I sell as a Travel Counsellor?

Mary Foyle Blog

We are often asked, What can I sell or Who can I book? The answer is simple. Our unique booking platform allows you to search, filter and book whatever type of travel, holiday or experience your customer wants. You’re free to act as a travel agent and as a tour operator.

Travel Counsellor, Mary Foyle, explains:

"As a Travel Counsellor, I’ve got instant access to thousands of world-class products and services at my fingertips - hotels, resorts, airlines, attractions, cruises, ancillaries - alongside the ability to work with specialist service providers and suppliers. Our only ‘rule’ at Travel Counsellors is that we sell what’s right for our customer. That’s because it’s our tried and tested route to a successful and sustainable travel business.

But what I really love is the creativity of being able to tailor-make a bespoke itinerary from scratch to my individual customer’s exact specification. It means that I stay in control of both the booking experience for my customer, and the margin. Our integrated digital booking platform, Phenix, is absolutely fantastic. It's intuitive, easy to learn and to use, and I can quickly search and filter from thousands of trusted suppliers around the globe to provide the exact combination of products my customer wants. If I need something really niche, or just perhaps some extra help with a destination I don’t know so well, our DMC (Destination Management Company) partners are brilliant at coming up with bespoke itineraries for me. Travel Counsellors works with more than 30 hand-picked DMC partners around the world who reflect our values and share our commitment to providing superb product and fantastic customer service. We also have the help of our 400-strong Support Team in Cork and Manchester, too. My customer gets a truly bespoke experience they can’t buy elsewhere, and I have built a strong and successful business with the service I am providing. So, everybody’s happy! It’s this flexibility and our customer-first mentality that I love about our unique business model."