Video: Look back on 2020

2020, the year that needs no introduction

Flights were grounded, life plans were put on hold, and we all retreated inwards.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Let’s not forget the year started strong, as Travel Counsellors celebrated our best-ever month, topping over AED440 million in sales globally. With the UAE selling over 6000 staycation room nights between May and October.

And in the last couple of months, lockdown has become a distant memory and our UAE business is back with bookings climbing to 114 per cent of the figures achieved during the same period last year.

Find out how Travel Counsellors supported each other and their customers throughout the pandemic.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of the things closest to us; the people who surround us, the activities we fill our spare time with and the job we do on daily basis.

Careers, not least those in travel, have been under the spotlight as planes were grounded and the world stood still.

That's why we're pleased to have welcomed 224 new Travel Counsellors globally this year, with 6 of those starting their buisnesses here in the UAE.

Mark Rawn is one of them and says: “Travel will bounce back so I’d encourage you to use this ‘down time’ to seriously consider if you’re in the right place for when it does.”

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