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Tell us about yourself and what you were doing prior to your career in Travel? I was born in Slovakia but spend many years living and working in Syndey Australia. I have 2 children and we made the move as a family to Abu Dhabi in 2019. Since moving here, I have been exploring opportunities and considering my next career move. Travel has always been close to my heart and travel a lot as a family so when I heard Travel Counsellors were launching in Abu Dhabi it was perfect timing for me.

What attracted you to setting up business as a Travel Counsellor? My passion for travel and personal travel experience was a huge driver for me. I had taken up studying and completed my diploma in Travel and Tourism just prior to becoming a TC. The flexibility of the model and it being a homebased also worked well for me and my family. When I attended the discovery webinar and learned more about the business model, the support I would get and saw the systems I’d have access to it was really attractive to me and gave me the confidence I needed to go ahead. I had the opportunity to join the Travel Counsellors UAE conference just prior to my induction and it was a wonderful experience, everyone was really friendly and positive. I just remember feeling such positive vibes and I knew I’d made the right decision.

What was your experience during the initial training and induction period? The initial training ran for 3 weeks and was a mixture of in-office and home-based learning. It was fun but full on. There was so much to learn and systems to explore but I really benefited from that. The trainer Nga was great and always on hand to answer questions and the training was really interactive. I did my induction with 6 other new joiners and it was great to meet new people and learn together. Although the initial induction was 3 weeks the training and development opportunities available to me have been ongoing. Even though I am running my own business I do not feel alone, there is so much support available when I need it.

How did you initially find customers? Initially I spoke to my friends here in the UAE and all the people I know to explain my new business and what I offer for anyone looking to book travel which was great. Since then, I have also attended some networking events here in Abu Dhabi which have been a great opportunity to meet new people and other entrepreneurs. Much of my business has come through word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals.

What makes someone want to book with you as a Travel Counsellor? For most it’s the personal service I provide, they can’t get that elsewhere. I talk to each of my customers to understand what they are looking for and then tailor make the perfect trip for them. I am there for them, every detail of their journey is thought through and taken care of. I recently booked a honeymoon in the USA and I am contacting each hotel prior to the couples arrival to ensure there are special arrangements and amenities ready for them. My customers know I am there for them every step of the way, contactable and genuinely care about their trip.

Finally, what are you most excited about for your future as a Travel Counsellor? I love learning about the travel products, I find it absolutely fascinating! I consume so much information about destinations and resorts and whilst I know I’ll not see them all firsthand I am excited that I can travel with my clients by planning them these wonderful trips.

For further information about becoming a Travel Counsellor in The UAE please join an upcoming information webinar or email holly.mccann@travelcounsellors.ae To contact Blanka about planning your next trip please email blanka.sabey@travelcounsellors.ae

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