Meet our TC... Ivana Gasperov

In March 2021, we welcomed Ivana Gasperov to our TC Family here in the UAE. After she had completed her initial 3-week indudction training, she sat down with Marketing Manager, Katie McMichael to share her experience and why she decided to join Travel Counsellors.

Tell us, Why did you join Travel Counsellors?

Better work life balance, flexibility and freedom is the many of reasons I joined Travel Counsellors. I am a full-time mom, so these factors are a huge advantage and necessary requirement for me to be involved in my child’s life whilst re-entering the work force and establishing my career and enthusiasm for travel unanimously. I have done extensive international travel and the amazing experiences I have gained I can proudly share with the Travel Counsellors community.

Coming from an airline background, has this helped with starting your own travel business?

Without a doubt. Working as an International Flight Attendant making my way up from Economy to a Business-Class in award winning airline Emirates, I can implement a varied service style to cater to all my customers’ expectations. More importantly I have bespoke firsthand knowledge that gives me an edge when suggesting what to do, where to go and what to see.

__What advice would you give for other people thinking of joining TC in UAE? __

I whole heartedly encourage anyone to join our community who are passionate about travel, cultures, meeting and interacting with new people and enjoy drawing up itineraries and experiences for others to have cherished memories. And let’s not forget, being your own boss is not so bad either.

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