See Abu Dhabi from a TC's point of view

Some of our UAE Travel Counsellors were lucky enough to head down to Abu Dhabi from Dubai in March 2021 and visit the Marriott Abu Dhabi properties, W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, The St.Regis Abu Dhabi and The Abu Dhabi EDITION.

We have asked each TC to provide their views, thoughts, personal impressions of the properties and which was their favourite.

With a big thank you to our TC extended family member, Lars from W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island for organising this 2-day/ 1-night event and taking such good care of our TCs.

Let's hear from our Travel Counsellors;

Zahara - AUH Quote

Crossing the border into Abu Dhabi was so easy, it took about 30 seconds and all they asked for was the PCR test in the Al Hosn App and my Emirates ID. Just made me realise it should not be ruled out for the staycation market. It was an action-packed day with 3 very amazing and very different properties and so much to learn. I was super happy to rest my head at the St.Regis Abu Dhabi 😊 Thank you, TC UAE, for arranging this

Tanya AUH Quote

The Edition has a stylish, contemporary and understated feel. Their whole focus was on wellness and the detoxing of body and mind by offering a unique singing bowl treatment in a relaxing spa environment.

Andrea AUH Quote

St Regis was more opulent and traditional, and they offered some unique experiences such as Brunch in the Clouds and afternoon tea on a 255m helipad. A luxurious ‘tunnel’ leads to a beach club and kids club and Mediterranean styled seafood restaurant.

Joanna AUH Quote

The W Abu Dhabi was a favourite with a huge focus on B&F (not a mistake - they focus on drinks as much as food) options and the Wow Extreme suite was just incredible

Shehab AUH Quote

Firstly, the staff were very friendly and helpful and special thanks to their leader Mr Lars as it was a great pleasure to meet him personally. The hotel was totally different than previous brand as it has changed a lot. Very trendy, vibrant, with high energy and The W music around the hotel makes you more active and relax.

As well, the race course could be something very special and the food was very delicious specially in Garage restaurant as they serve 4 different street food from different countries in one place. The rooms were super comfortable with using the latest technology.

Kathryn AUH Quote

My favorite of the three hotels was the Abu Dhabi Edition. It’s a new hotel which opened in 2018. It’s located on the marina with lovely views and plenty of restaurants and cafes along the marina to explore. The rooms are a good size with big balconies and lovely big bathtubs.

What impressed me the most was the quiet and peaceful ambiance of the hotel. Its style is modern contemporary, and I loved the neutral tones. It had such a sense of peacefulness. I would recommend this hotel to couples or groups of friends for special events.

Rana AUH Quote

A day well spent in Abu Dhabi… Super long yet super fun. It was really good to actually have the chance to come to Abu Dhabi and visit three very different Marriott properties- The St.Regis Corniche, The W Yas Island and The Abu Dhabi Edition. The St.Regis is super elegant, with beautiful interiors and eye-catching chandeliers.

The highlight of this property was the pool and beach area, as soon as you emerge from the underground walkway, it feels as you’ve been transmitted to a completely different world, from a super classy and chic interior to a super chilled and laid back area aligned with a number of beach restaurants and bars. The W Yas island, my favorite, a very contemporary, modern property. The different suite categories are beautiful, one of them even had a private pool. The highlight of this property was the Garage restaurant, the mix of designs, details and colors within one restaurant is mind-blowing. Absolutely recommend this place!!

Our third and final stop was the Abu Dhabi Edition- A new modern property located in Al Bateen area, offering views of the Marina. The rooms are spacious with chic wooden floors. The hotel lobby has a high ceiling open concept, you could look down at the lobby from your room floor. This property is a good option for people looking to be centrally located, due to its proximity to several hotspots in Abu Dhabi.

Sulya AUH Quote

The trip to Abu Dhabi was one of the surprising discoveries for me. As an adventurous person and mum of two, I am always searching for a new destination around the UAE.

From the moment to smooth entering to Abu-Dhabi with the vetted PCR test results on the Alhosn/Seha app, your exciting journey begins just from that moment. The first step is at the W Abu Dhabi Hotel -Yas Island was as marvellous. The feeling of being outside of the desert and Dubai scene gives you a fresh look of new adventures that can be organized for the following weekend for any couple and families away from the usual trip to RAK, Ajman or Fujairah. Being into cycling, I am happy to know that I can spend my time cycling on the famous Formula 1 arena's circuit. To enjoy W hotel gastronomy of the favourite restaurants at Garage gastronomy hub where you sit down and where well-trained staff with Chef greet and serve you makes you feel you like a celebrity who is happy to explain the concept of their difference cuisines and that could be done at one place.

Spending your time on the top roof at the vibrant Wetdeck swimming pool lounge with an overlooking view of the whole Formula 1 track gives you an immediate feeling that you are somewhere in Singapore or Monaco in the middle of the F1 race itself where people celebrate this glorious event. You could quickly embrace it with the wide variety of W hotel mixologists' exotic cocktails that will emphasize eccentric music's vibes by the house DJ. On the other side, if you feel you need a short nap, you can enjoy different varieties of bright, spacious rooms that could be picked depending on your preferences if you are families or just bunch of friends. It could be the hotel's quiet side with a beautiful view of the river or bunch friends who will be enjoying the racetrack’s view.

I had an incredibly fantastic experience at W Abu Dhabi Hotel at Yas Land, 40 mins away from Dubai Marina, then much less than you would reach to Sharjah. I cannot wait to offer all my friends to stay at W Abu Dhabi Hotel for their getaway staycations. Because it is all about a fun time at the famous Yas Island in the most desirable W Abu Dhabi Hotel with the bespoke world-renowned entertainment from F1 car racing and the speediest roller coaster slide to the cycling opportunity with your friends that will highlight your weekend.