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"The amount of information available to people online has become overwhelming. People want the advice of a travel expert to cut through all of that, and travel professionals can feel confident that their skills are highly desirable." Abdo Basmaji - Leisure - Joined 2016

My name’s Abdo, and I became a Travel Counsellor in 2016. Prior to joining, I had a varied background in different travel businesses, both in my home country of Syria, as well as here in Dubai. I’d worked for a hotel wholesaler, a premium travel operator, and held airline corporate sales and account management roles. So, I had a well-rounded travel background, despite having originally studied chemistry at University!

I did my own research when looking for my next move, and I found Travel Counsellors from a Google search. I was quickly wowed by the opportunity - I wanted the freedom to run my own business, but not the overheads or the risk! I needed the purchasing power, the technology, the brand and the support of a large, successful business - and in Travel Counsellors, I found all of that, and more! I arranged to meet Holly from the Support Team in Dubai, I attended a discovery Day, and was totally convinced it was for me. I joined Travel Counsellors soon after.

My business is a mixture of corporate and leisure travel. Most of my business has come from referrals - long-standing contacts, former clients, colleagues and friends. It has been secured on the strength of my personal contacts, and has been building and growing organically over time.

"Now I never have limitations in terms of what I can sell, source or put together to fulfil the needs of my clients. I can take the initiative and find exactly the right solutions for them."

I’ve loved building up my business and I feel that, unlike in previous roles, now I never have limitations in terms of what I can sell, source or put together to fulfil the needs of my clients. With Travel Counsellors, I’ve never come across a scenario where I couldn’t help - I can take the initiative and find exactly the right solutions for my clients. I use our in-house booking platform, Phenix, and the GDS and together I have everything I need at my fingertips for both leisure and corporate clients.

I always had a passion for travel and make sure that I make the most of that with my own Travel Counsellors business. I can work from anywhere, as long as I have my laptop, a phone and a Wi-Fi connection! Recently, I’ve been travelling a lot in Europe, and have had some great Fam trip opportunities with Travel Counsellors - I've been to France, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. I’ve got so many countries still on my ‘to visit’ list!

When I’m not working, I enjoy catching up with friends; going out trying new places for good music and drinks. I have a favorite spot in a library café where I enjoy reading travel magazines and books. I travel locally on weekends or abroad, when I can, and sometimes I switch off with a good book or play the role of a master chef; well, I try! But I’m always on hand for my customers, thanks to the fact that I can work from anywhere!

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