4 agents have completed their induction training online and have been welcomed into the TC Family

Not even Covid-19 nor Lockdown was going to stop these agents from starting their own travel business.

When is it the right time to start a business? In the words of Nelson Mandela, it always seems impossible until it is done. Starting a business amid a world pandemic might not appear to be the best time. Yet the comeback story for each of these 4 agents will be huge.

Travel Counsellors couriered their laptops to each of their homes Cape Town, Johannesburg and PE.

The 5-day face-to-face-training was changed to a 2-week online training session Monday - Friday. The Training took place using Microsoft Teams. Video was used so the Travel Counsellors could see each other and the trainer. It was interactive and the trainer could share their slides or demo our systems live. It was like being in the classroom.

The sessions took place in the mornings. The afternoon gave them time to do all the practical applications. It was here that they wrote their web page for their leisure and for their business websites. They set up a Facebook page for their business, set up a LinkedIn profile etc. Their trainer was available on hand to help them should they need it.

The induction training covered training on many aspects of training. Topics covered were all things Tech. They covered Marketing, Sales and how to get to know your customers and understand what they want. The System training covered our Customer Relationship Management System, the intranet, our Quote and Book systems and the myTC travel app... All things pertaining to business Travel including Key Accounts Management, reports... Managing finances, fraud prevention, Operations and so much more... all this was covered over a 2-week period.

On the final day they all graduated as a Travel Counsellor. They can now start building the necessary business foundations. Building a client base will be essential and then taking the time to understand the client's requirements.

Perhaps now that you are home, the thought of starting your own travel business has crossed your mind. If you would like to explore this opportunity then why not get in touch with us and we can arrange to show you a demo online.

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