How we support your business

We'll help support your business with marketing, technology, IT support, industry knowledge and updates, and your own personal development.

Giving you above and beyond

There is no more comprehensive support for a franchise owner than with Travel Counsellors.

Simply put, we’re not successful until you are. That’s why with Travel Counsellors, it’s a partnership, and it’s why we have a 60/40 fee structure.

The level of support you’ll receive to run and succeed in your business is unrivalled. From admin, finance, marketing, product, IT, business support, technology and everywhere in between - we’ve got you covered.

You’re the reason for our brilliant head office team. They’re here for you.

What does the support look like?

Whatever help you need, our 360°, wrap-around support covers your whole business.

One monthly fee to cover your business costs

For R500 + VAT a month, we’ll cover your day-to-day business needs:

  • Unique Financial Protection Plan
  • Package Travel directive & all legal compliance
  • Marketing tools. Technology. Ticketing.
  • A local Head Office to support you in all aspects of your business
  • Leisure and Corporate Travel Website
  • Admin processing
  • 500 + VAT per month
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Scale your business

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Comprehensive marketing support

We support you with regular marketing activity. From social media pins for you to use, to full-on marketing campaigns to your database, we'll help with all aspects of marketing your business.

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Exclusive TC Educationals

From exclusive supplier educationals and events, to regular supplier training days, you'll constantly benefit from our fantastic supplier relationships.

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Meet our support team

At Travel Counsellors, our people are our biggest asset. Our global support team have always got your back, as, simply put, we're not successful until you are.

“I love to be able to provide support and guidance that really makes a difference to our Travel Counsellors businesses.”

Marc de Jager, Business Development Coach

Many expert colleagues dedicated to supporting you

years' experience helping people build successful businesses 26

“I love being a trainer because it’s great to know I’m helping new franchisees build the foundation of their very own business.”

Nichola Parr, Trainer
I really cannot believe to what extent Travel Counsellors will go, to make my world super easy, super high tech and super modern. — Nina Gerdener - Gold Travel Counsellor

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