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Our Promise to Protect

Travel Counsellors offer the very best success to build a scaleable business. We minimise the business risk and reinvest back into our TC's business. We aren't successful unless our TC's are successful. It's our ambition to ensure their success.


What do one of the world’s biggest brands say about us?


Rip Curl are one of the world's largest brands, with travel plans that change quite literally with the tide. So, what do they have to say about the service and expertise provided by their Travel Counsellor, Meagan Patterson?

How do you take your business to the next level?


Marc de Jager, a Business Development Exec works with TC’s to help them to build their business. He helps them to understand their Why and then works on the How using the data and insights provided by Travel Counsellors.

Going for Gold South Africa

We reinvest back into our Travel Counsellors

TC Life

Not only do we support our Franchisees with marketing, business development, IT, commercial... but we also offer ongoing training face to face.

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