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What Happens When Crisis Hits?


When you become a Travel Counsellor, you become so much more than ‘just’ a self-employed travel agent - you become an integral part of an incredible community of connected and caring travel professionals

The Power of Community

TC Life

A culture of sharing, encouraging each other when times are tough and cheering each other on when we are on top form. Always doing the right thing for our TC franchisees & their clients. This is what sets us apart from other travel companies.

How we Protect our Customers When Disaster Strikes


Travel is notoriously unpredictable with disruptions around every corner. So, how do we protect our Travel Counsellors and their customers when disaster strikes?

Travel Counsellors Love their job

TC Life

Travel Counsellors put the fun back into travel and it is no wonder that 96% of Travel Counsellors agree with statement that they love their job

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